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Accu Limited Accu Limited -
- Haggwood Stone Quarry, Woodhead Road, Huddersfield HD9 6PW, United Kingdom

email, Tel. +44 (0) 1484 937010
products:   Vented Screws

Vented Screws, also called Vacuum Screws, Ventilation Screws, or simply Hollow Screws, feature a hollow core, and are specially designed to allow the release of gases and pressure through the middle of the fastener.
Vented Screws allow surface contaminants to be extracted from blind-tapped holes, and can also prevent pockets of gas from becoming trapped at the base of blind drilled holes, which can cause virtual leaks under vacuum.

Reliance Precision Reliance Precision Limited -
- Rowley Mills, Penistone Road, Lepton, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire HD8 0LE, United Kingdom

email, Tel. +44 (0)1484 601002

Reliance Precision is a specialist engineering company, with over 50 years' experience in providing custom-built, high reliability, precision instrumentation to customers from a diverse range of global markets. Our engineering capabilities include design, development, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly and test, complemented by a catalogue of precision motion control components and electro-mechanical assemblies.
products:   Ventilation Screws


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