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Highlight Tech. Corp. specializes in semiconductor core spare parts production, vacuum pump vendoring, coupled with vacuum system modeling and technical services offering.
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Vacuum environment is an essential ingredient in thin film coating process and surface analysis science. A high quality vacuum chamber is very important to the performance of equipment. Htc vacuum has the extensive experience of designing and manufacturing various customized vacuum chambers. Htc vacuum provided the UHV system(base pressure 10-10 torr) for surface analysis science to the university laboratory, and we also designed a special cooling system for the process chambers of thin film solar cell equipment which the temperature of substrate comes near to 600?. The most commonly used material for vacuum chambers is stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon steel. The shape of vacuum chambers can be rectangle, cylinder and multi-edge. Htc vacuum can provide several kinds of surface treatment of the chambers, such as sandblast, polished, and electro polished. We also provide the chamber stress relief process via heat treatment or vibration method.
Furthemore, modules or systems can be assembled and tested in Htc’s working shop to reduce the lead time and logistic cost.

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