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Nanomotion Ltd. - www.nanomotion.com
- Mordot HaCarmel Industrial Park, HaYetsira Street, PO Box 623, Yokneam 20692, Israel

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Nanomotion designs and manufactures advanced motion systems, sub-system modules and piezo motor / drive components. Based on proprietary ultrasonic standing wave piezoelectric technology, Nanomotion's motors and motion solutions are suitable for a diversified range of applications from optronics to semiconductor, from medical to metrology and other industrial applications.
products:   Custom Motion Systems, Nanomotion Motors

Using our unique ceramic servo motors, drivers and controllers, Nanomotion creates single and multi-axis motion systems that best suit the needs of your application. Nanomotion provides superior motion solutions based both on the level of performance required in todayís marketplace, and future market needs.
Nanomotionís motors are compact and miniature in size, offer extremely accurate and precise movement, high resolution and low settling time, coupled with dynamic range of velocity and force.

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