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Zhejiang Colink Vacuum Equipment Zhejiang Colink Vacuum Equipment Co.,Ltd. -
- Chengxi Industrial Zone, Wenling, Zhejiang, China 317500

William Xie, email:, Tel. +86-576-8613 3528

We have distributors in 50+ countries and we are going to present our quality products in more countries and regions.
products: Refrigeration vacuum pumps

As a top 3 global quality HVAC vacuum pump manufacturer, Colink has a full product range of refrigeration vacuum pumps, refrigerant recovery machines and other HVAC tools.

- No9 Huifeng road, Yueqing Zhejiang, Wenzhou, China, 325600

Charles ZHU, email:, Tel. +86-577-62535398

Alldoo Micropump Co., Ltd is a new sci-tech enterprise located in Zhejiang province, all the products are made in China.
The company takes a broad and long view. Relying on abundant technical strength of micro pump, we devotes ourselves to develop and design the micro pump series with reliable quality and reasonable price, suitable for the fields of gas or liquid transferring, cooling systems, sampling, medical or chemical analysis, blood pressure measuring, home appliance,toys and many other areas of industry supply. We also design and produce micro pumps according to the requirements of customers and accept OEM orders.
products: diaphragm micropumps
  • We specialize in the designing and production of various diaphragm micropumps
  • including micro diaphragm vacuum pumps, gas pumps, water pumps, oil pumps and liquid pumps with low flow range and small size.



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