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Xiang Yang Jet Technology Xiang Yang Jet Technology Co., Ltd, Xi'an Aerospace Group -
- Torch Development Zone, Road East, Building 3, Block B, 9th Floor, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 710043

Wang Damin, email, Tel. +86 029-82681243, 83204870

This group has unparalleled advantage in the producing field of Steam Eject Vacuum Pump. It combined with the laboratory research result, adopts the computer optimum calculation and computer-aided design into the research and development of its products, and local installation debugging experience to lead the design, production of the Steam Eject Vacuum Pumps made by our company is lower more 20% than the domestic similar products. The consumption indexes of the steam and cooling water as well as the comprehensive property has come up to the advanced world level. There are about more than 10 sets of Steam Eject Vacuum Pumps made by this company have been normally go into production .
products:   Steam jet vacuum pumps

Special steel, super low carbon stainless steel vacuum finery equipment set .
Steam jet vacuum pump for space flight engine high altitude simulation.
Steam jet vacuum pump for vacuum furnace outer refining.
Steam jet vacuum pump for grease refining .
Jet pre-vacuum, pulse vacuum sterilizer series products
Low stand steam jet vacuum pump.
Steam jet vacuum pump for food, chemical industry, medicine, biology production.
Multifunction vacuum refrigerating (warming) central air condition units .
Food vacuum freeze sublimate drying sets
Constant frequency water supplying equipments

- 5/F, No.103, North Chang An Road, Xi'an, 710061, China

email, Tel. +86-29-87787068

Shaanxi Sinwa Int'l Trading Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and exporting refractory metal products.
We are equipped with complete production line, ranging from powder producing to machining, with two decades of expertise and stringent testing procedures, which enable us to supply our customer with variety of refractory metal products with on-time delivery, high-performance quality and competitive price.
products:   Vacuum Coating Equipment

Sputtering Targets

Semi-finished products:   molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium and their alloys in the form of semi-finished products such as sheets, bars, wires, tubes, and finished products for many kinds of industrial applications.

Finished products:   Vacuum Coating and Semiconductor Equipment Components, Refractory Metal Fasteners, Welded and Riveted Boat, Sintered Crucible, Furnace Liner, Radiation Shield and Components, Molybdenum Electrode, Tungsten & Alloys Electrode

Chuanglian Electronic Component Chuanglian Electronic Component (Group) Co Ltd (CLEC Group) -
- No. 3, Electronic West Street, Electronic Industrial Park, Xi'an High-tech Zone, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 710065

email, Tel. +86 29 8822 0746
products:   Ceramic to metal hermetic seal electrode with multiple pins

Leak under 1x10-9 CC/SEC
Mechanical strength: >1200kg/cm2
Thermal shock: 850°C
Voltage surge: 7000V

Ceramic + Mo/Mn metallized + plating Ni or Au
Brazing: Ag/Cu or others
Metal materials: Kovar, SST, Ti or others

Lanzhou vacuum equipment Lanzhou vacuum equipment co., Ltd -
- No.29 Gongjiaping North Road, Qilihe district, Lan zhou, Gansu Province, China

email, Tel. 0086-931-2866383

Lanzhou Vacuum Equipment Company has created many number-one as follows in domestic market: the first large oil-less ultrahigh vacuuming machine, the first ultrahigh electron ray diffusion welder, the first large astronomical telescope film-coating machine, the first measuring vessel of liquid hydrogen, the first computerized vacuum brazing machine for large/medium-sized aluminum plate-&-fin heat exchangers, the first soft ITO film depositing equipment, the first film depositing coating machine for high grade electromechanical vehicle lumps, and the first continuous vacuum depositing machine for backing foamed nickel of nickel-hydrogen batteries.
products:   Vacuum coating film plant

This kind of plant is mostly vacuum coating film equipment. It is our traditional powerful product, and involves in many areas. At present, we have 7 series and more than 60 specifications of all kinds of source equipment, which include evaporation type, magnetic type, ion type, sputtering type, multi-arc type and so on.

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