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Koerting vacuum ejector Körting Trading (Beijing) Ltd -
- Room 907, Towercrest Plaza, No. 3 Maizidian Xi Lu
Chaoyang Dist., Beijing 100215, China

Manli Yang, email:, Tel. +86 10 84585020
products:   Ejectors, Condensers, Vacuum Technology

Refrigeration Plants, Evaporation Plants, Plants for Dedusting, Absorption and Gas Cooling, Steam Jet Heaters, Mixing Nozzles.
Heat Recovery, Paper Industry, Polyester Plants, Water Treatment, Power Stations, Edible Oil Industry, Textile Finishing, Urea Plants, Refrigeration, Chemical Industry, Petroleum Refineries, Shipbuilding, Steel Degassing, Seawater Desalination.

Agilent Technologies, former Varian Vacuum Agilent Technologies (China) Co. Ltd, Beijing Office -
- No.3, Wang Jing Bei Lu, Chao Yang District, Beijing, 100102, China

email:, Toll free: 800 820 3278, Tel. +86 (0)10 64397888

安捷伦真空部门,以前的瓦里安真空,是一个国际知名的真空设备供应商。可以提供真空泵、检漏仪、真空元件、真空附件等一系列的真空获得、真空控制和真空测量设备。上世纪50年代发明离子泵使人类第一次获得了超高真空开始,我们一直走在真空技术的最前沿,离子泵之后,我们对扩散泵和检漏技术做出了重大发展,在分子泵和干泵技术上做出了重要改进,直到最近,开发出了革命性的 TwisTorr FS分子泵和IDP系列干泵。
products:   Diffusion pump   Dry Scroll   Ion Pumps   Turbomolecular   Leak detector

Agilent Vacuum Products Division (VPD), formerly Varian Vacuum, is a global supplier with a complete range of vacuum pumps, leak detectors, components and accessories to create, control, maintain and measure vacuum.

ProChina Vacuum Physical Vapor Deposition PROCHINA LIMITED -
- Building painting plant xisanqi east, 100096 Beijing, China

Frank HU, email:, Tel. 86-10-82924110

ProChina Limited is a joint venture set up by Protec Surface Technologies S.P.A in Italy and BeiJing DNP Surface Technology Institute on April 2000. As a high tech company offically licensed by the ZhongGuanCun Science Park, The scientists and engineers inside have been focusing on the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology for many years and successfully developed and designed AS series and ProPower series of ion plating machines with its outstanding cathodic arc ion evaporator (CAE) system and unbalanced magnetron sputtering system.
products:   Vacuum Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), Ion Plating Machine

The ProPower series coaters have been designed and manufactured complying with the CE safety directives and norms, and have entered into the European Economic Community market with the CE certificate.

HEDRICH Xiamen Vacuum Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
- 11 E, CITIC Building, 19, Jianguo Menwai Dajie, Beijing, 100004, China

email, Tel.

Following to the growing demand of the Chinese Market, Hedrich decided in 1998 to build up their own Representative Office in Beijing.
products:   vacuum technology equipment

including vacuum oil purification equipment, resin insulation system vacuum casting equipment.

Oriental Avi vacuum AVI applied vacuum industries -
- 12A Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Cologne, Building B, Room 406 100020

Liang Haipeng, email, Tel. +86-10

Vacuum Furnace
Coating machine
Leak Detector
Vacuum gauge
Roots pump
Dry pump
Molecular pump
Cryogenic pump
Diffusion pump

Beijing Beiyi Innovation Vacuum Technology Beijing Beiyi Innovation Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd -
No.9 Building, Wanda Plaza, No.93 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022

email, Tel. +86-10-5820-6239

Beijing Beiyi Innovation Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. (former Beijing Instrument Factory) was founded in 1954, is headquartered in the Central Business District (CBD) of the center. Production base is located in Daxing Industrial Development Zone, covers an area of 31,064 square meters, construction area of 45,504 square meters. 2003 ISO-2000 quality system certification. Access to a total vacuum, vacuum measurement, vacuum application of three main types of products, from low to ultra-high vacuum vacuum more than 30 series over 160 varieties. Products widely used in aerospace, electronic information, optical industry, metallurgy, building decoration, food, textile, electricity, environmental protection and new energy industries.
products:   Amorphous Silicon thin-film Solar Cell Production Line

Coating Machine, Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Measuring Instrument, Spare Parts

In recent years, a number of institutions, the Research Institute of the development and fabrication of multiple thin-film solar cells for the study of laboratory equipment. In vacuum has a mature technology based on the North in 2006 the company successfully developed innovative domestic first to design and manufacture of thin film amorphous silicon solar cell production line, the core of which is more than a single-chamber large area PECVD film deposition technology for large-scale production of photovoltaic glass template once completed dozens of square meters of multi-chip double the deposition of amorphous silicon thin film in a relatively low investment in equipment to achieve higher production of large-scale template, performance indicators have reached the same level of international, equipment sold to Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other areas, has changed the past, China's amorphous silicon thin-film battery production lines rely on the import of the status quo.

BAM Beijing Advanced Materials Co., Ltd -
- B2-507, No. 18, Suzhoujie, Beijing, 100080, China

email, Tel.

BAM is very good at Technologies Exploiting, Products Developing, Quality Control and Improving, Technical Communication. Our Materials and Processing experts, including Professors, Senior Engineers and many Specialized Technicians, can offer our customers very Experienced knowledge. We are proud of supplying GE Lighting etc. Our Professional Products are sold well to all over the world, especially to Europe, USA and Japan.
As ISO9001-2000 registered company approved by the world famous BSI (British Standard Institution), BAM can provide Enough Competitive Quality, Price and Service. Our quality target is "ZERO DEFECT and CUSTOMER BENEFITED". Our enterprise culture is “Enjoy the Everyday Work”, “Do It Correctly the First Time and Do It Correctly Every Time”.
products:   Sputtering Targets

with Superior purity, High density and Good consistency presents Long life span and Durable performance.

Our Sputtering Targets are extensively used as following:
Refractory metal microcircuit metallurgic layers, Integrated optics devices, Optically memory devices, Photo conductors for display devices, Fission product detector, Magneto-memory devices.

Beijing Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd -
- Cheng Rd, Haidian District, Beijing 266, 100080, China

email, Tel. 010-62528994 6

北京中科科美真空技术有限责任公司是一家专业从事真空科技的技工贸一体化高科技企业,座落在中关村高新技术产业园区内,是北京中科科仪技术发展有限责任公司 (原中国科学院科学仪器研制中心)的控股公司。科美公司汇集了一批真空界的优秀人才,由六十年代初、八十年代和跨世纪真空专业毕业的精英组成一支具有强大研发设计和制造能力的团队,其制造的产品遍及国内各地。

GK East Optoelectronic Technologies, Inc. -
- Rm. 1803, Tri-tower C Building, #66 Zhong Guan Cun East Road, Beijing 100080, China

email , Tel. 86-10-82626105

GK East Optoelectronic Technologies, Inc. (GK East for short) is a high-tech enterprise under the Optoelectronic Technologies Group, CAS, jointly founded by the members of the Optoelectronic Technologies Group in October of 2004. GK EAST is engaged in import and export business for the Optoelectronic Technologies Group.

Turbo Molecular Pumps
Rotary Vane Pumps
Sputtering Ion Pump

Beijing pana Vacuum Equipment, 分子泵系列 PNZK Beijing pana Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd -
- Haidian District, Zhongguancun North First Street 2, Beijing 100080, P.R. China

email, Tel. +86 (0)10 80750349


products:   分子泵系列

CEVS Vacuum Technologies CEVS Vacuum Technologies Beijing Co., Ltd -
- 910 Office Hongyu Building, No.7 Xueyuan Road,
Haidian District, Beijing 100083, China

Kalinda Hu, general mgr., email, Tel. +86-10-51313670
products:   vacuum leak detectors, vacuum leak detection systems

Germany's Pfeiffer Vacuum leak detector is widely used in semiconductor production process equipment, ultra-high vacuum research equipment and facilities for the oil-sensitive leak detection process, the oil-leak detector covers 95% of the industry, research and other technology segments.

ConST Instrument Technology Beijing ConST Instrument Technology Inc. -
- F5/6, Block D, Keshi Building, No.A28 Xinxi Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100 085, China

email, Tel. +86-10-62969353

Since our establishment in 1998, CONST Instruments Technology Inc. has been dedicated to the design and construction of world-class, state-of-the-art pressure measurement and calibration/controlling instruments. CONST group is located in Beijing, in the ZHONG GUAN CUN high-tech park, also known as the “Chinese Silicon Valley”. The 3,200 square meter facility includes the departments such as manufacturing, engineering, R&D and finance.
products:   Digital pressure gauge

ConST211 is a high-accuracy, high-resolution digital pressure gauge. Because of their robust design, these digital pressure gauges meet stringent demands and can be used in critical industrial applications where particular importance is attached to measuring accuracy, reproducibility, long term stability and protection against exploration penetration.

naxide Beijing Nash-D Mechanical & Electrical CO., Ltd -
- Golden Bridge Industrial Base Tongzhou Beijing 101102, China

email, Tel. +86 10 56370003
products:   Ring Blower, Regenerative ring Blower, Side Channel Blower manufacturer

We have blower development, test and production center with main technology is originated from German Hanover University focus on good and stable quality.

We have two series ring blower, one is 2BH and the other is 4BH, both of the series have single stage and double stage product, the ring blowers are available in a wide selection for performance ranges up to 3000m3/h and differential pressures of up to 1000mbar.

The cover the most varied requirements flexibly and powerfully. The noise level have been lower than the most other vacuum pumps and compressors. The motors for blower are range for 50 and 60HZ in protection class IP55 and insulation class F, this makes them the ideal solution for worldwide use without modifications or test and insure the operation safety.We offer a large range of accessories that are ideally suited for these machines to make sure the machine work high efficient.

Beijing Chong Si Weike Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd -
- Beijing Fengtai District Kitasato, wulidian, the 4th Beijing Chen Rui Da Building, Room 605, 100142, China

email, Tel. +86 10 68 487 519 68 486 519

KOWEL Dry screw pump
OSAKA Turbomolecular pump
Iwata Scroll pump
Vacuum thin film deposition system
Magnetron sputtering cathode target
Mass flow controller

Gerchin Gerchin -
- Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Parkview 10th Street Sum Technology Park, Block B (100176)

email, Tel. 010-62865108

coating machine, vacuum furnace
Leak detector, Vacuum gauge,
Roots pump, Dry pump, Molecular pump
Cryogenic pump, diffusion pump
Valves, Fittings

Beijing Winner Optical Instruments Beijing Winner Optical Instruments Co., Ltd -
NO.17, Yunshan Road, Tongzhou Industrial Zone,
Tongzhou District, Beijing, China 101113

Holgen Wang or Mr. Li, email:
Tel. +86 10 61509982
products:   manipulators

Zolix Precision Stages BEIJING ZOLIX INSTRUMENTS CO., Ltd -
- No.5, South Baliqiao Street, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China 101149

Xing LIU, email:, Tel. 86-010-60535165

Established on January 1999, Zolix is now a leading manufacturer of fine mechanics, motorized micro-positioning stages and precision light measuring instruments.
1000 m2 machine shop with CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, drilling machines, polishing machines and Laser marker.
500 m2 assembly facility dedicated to assemble fine mechanics, electronic boards and optical instruments.
Design and Engineering with 15 engineers.
products:   Opto-mechanics

Development and sale department of precision stages, motorized stages, manual stages,
optical mounts such as precision optical mirror mounts, optical fiber coupler,
Designer of custom Precision motion system,
Supporting frames, Base Plates, Optical tables.

KYKY Turbomolecular vacuum pump KYKY Technology Development Ltd. -
- No13 Beiertiao (Lanqiying), Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing 100190, P.R. China

Chi Zhang, email, Tel.+86 10 82548288

KYKY Technology Development Ltd.,original Beijing R&D center of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) , specializes in vacuum acquirement equipment and vacuum leak measurement, especially turbo molecular pump and helium leak detector, and occupies more than 60% Chinese turbo molecular pump market share and 50% Chinese helium leak detector market share. Our products are successfully used in accelerator, space stimulation, lighting industry, LCD industry and so on.
products:   Turbo molecular pumps

Gate valves, Ion pumps, Helium Leak Detectors
analytical instruments and medical instruments

Beijing Gonghua Special Oil Product Beijing Gonghua Special Oil Product Co., Ltd -
- Shahe Town, Changping District, Beijing, China 102206

email, Tel. +86 010 8076 2355

products:   vacuum pump oil

CBVAC CHUANBEI TECHNOLOGY BEIJING CBVAC Chuanbei Vacuum Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd -
- No.9 Cuibai Road, Cuicun Town, Changping District, Beijing, China 102212

Yao Yelena, email, Tel.

CBVAC, founded in 2002, is national new-high technology enterprise, the Chinese Vacuum Association key enterprise specialized in vacuum products development, design, production, sales and service.
The vacuum products and technologies are widely applied in new energy, new materials, aerospace, semiconductor, IC equipment and other fields, also we design and manufacture products in the vacuum technology application fields from universities and scientific research institutions.
products:   Vacuum valves, fittings, pumps, chambers

Vacuum Pump: Molecular Pump, Mechanical Pump, vacuum pump units, accessories for vacuum pumps
Vacuum Valve: High Vacuum Gate Valve, Angle Valve, Flap Valve, Charging Valve, Vacuum Adjustable Valve
Vacuum Components: KF Series, CF Series, ISO-K
Bellows: Hydraulic-formed bellows, welded bellows, Metal Flexible Hoses
Vacuum Measuring Instruments
Vacuum Systems, Space Simulation, Customized vacuum chamber

Yanshan Special Style Luboil Yanshan Special Style Luboil Co., Ltd -
- No1,Shangdian Road,Dongfeng Street ,Fangshan, Beijing, China 102502

Mr. Sun Ming email, Tel. +86 010 6934 5052
products:   vacuum pump oil

- Qiangaomidian, Industry & Development Area, Daxing District, 102600 Beijing, China

Shuwei Wang, email, Tel. +86-10-60250239

BWVAC is a joint venture company, which was founded in 2002. After many years of hard work, our market roughly reaches 5000 set per year.
We focus on modern industry as electronics, medicine, optics, resources economizing, semi-conducts, etc. Now our pumps is not only popular in china, but also export to US, Europe and other international markets.

TRP Series pump is two-stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump with a new design concept to achieve a high vacuum, great throughput, easy installation, operation and maintenance.
It is designed for all the high to low vacuum application such as for Laboratory, Semiconductor industry, analytical instruments, light bulbs, fluorescent lights, distillation, freeze drying,..

Geowell scroll vacuum pumps Shenyang Geowell Applied Technology Co., Ltd -
- No.11, Block 3, Wenhua Rd, Heping District, Shenyang, China, 110004

Ning Xianning, email, Tel. +86 024-83685362

Shenyang Geowell Applied Technology Co., Ltd is focusing on the development and supply of oil free scroll vacuum pumps, vacuum packaging equipment and technical service.
products:   Scroll vacuum pumps

two series GWSP and GWSP-M oil free scroll vacuum pumps,
each including three models of GWSP300, GWSP600, and GWSP1000,
maintenance kits and oil free scroll vacuum pumping system.

Shenyang ShengDong Bellows Co., Ltd -
- 109 MeiGui Street, Sujiatun Distrct,Shenyang 110101, China

Aimee XUXIN, email, Tel. +86-24-89816111

Shenyang Shengdong Bellows Manufacture Co., Ltd(SDB) has a long history in China, in manufacturing flexible metal pipes, metal bellows, flexible hudraulic metal hose, high pressure stainless steel hose, expansion joints, and other special elastic and sealing accessories. These products are extensively used in such industries as instrument and applances, oil field, chemistry. thermo engineering, astronomy, shipping, nuclear power plant, etc. In recent years, due to extensive use of quality metallic alloy and stainless steel, the products we manufactured made a head way in international market for its excellent quality and relatively cheap.
products:   metal bellows and expansion joints

including single wall and multiple wall designs with widely differing bellows geometries.
The metal bellows are produced from all metals that can be formed, and are available from wall thickness of 0.1mm and above,

The most modern forming, welding and connection techniques are available and guarantee a flexible long life and maintenance free products able to resist high pressure and temperature variations.

SKY Technology Development Co., Ltd -
- No.1 Xinyuan Street, Hunnan Industrial Zone, Shenyang, China 110179

email, Tel. +86-24-23826830

中国科学院沈阳科学仪器股份有限公司 (以下简称公司) 是一家集真空仪器装置研发、生产、销售、服务为一体的高科技企业,其前身是中国科学院沈阳科学仪器研制中心,创建于1958年,公司位于沈阳市浑南新区 (国家高新技术产业开发区) 内,占地面积110亩、建筑面积3.5万平方米,总资产3.5亿元人民币。公司现有员工382人,其中具有本科以上学历的科技人员占员工总数的60%。公司始终坚持以人为本,追求技术领先。经过半个世纪的发展,造就了创新合作的学习型团队,构建了高起点、高标准的技术平台。
products:   vacuum devices

Vacuum Components
Vacuum pumps: Claw and Screw Dry Pumps, Roots pumps, Scroll Dry Pumps, Sputter Ion Pumps
LED Substrate And Window Sheet Manufacturing Equipment
National Major Scientific Project Equipment
PVD Coating Equipment, CVD Coating Equipment
Vacuum Metallurgy Equipment

Seal Tech Welded Bellows YingKou Seal Tech Welded Bellows(Liaoning) Co., Ltd -
- NO.139 Jinniushan Street,Small and Medium Enterprises Industrial Park, Laobian District, YingKou, Liaoning, China 115000

email, Tel. +86-417-3350003

Seal Tech was founded in 2003,it is a China & Korea Joint Venture enterprise
products:   welded bellows

Seal Tech has successfully developed welded bellows used for synchrotron radiation accelerators and particle accelerators.

- No.16 Baoquan Road, Dandong, Liaoning. China. 118009

Xu ZHENYU, email, Tel. 86-415-6279579

We are an ISO manufacturer who produces mechanical seals, couplings, instrument. Our products are accordance with ISO, DIN, API standard. We can do standard products also can do special design upon customer request.

mechanical seals, welded bellow seals, coupling, instrument.

The Oriental Science & Technology Development Ltd.
- No.5 Beisihuan West Road Haidian District, Beijing

email, Tel. +86 (10) 82 38 88 66

Awamura distributor
products:   liquid ring vacuum pumps

Beijing Li Peng You mechanical and electrical equipment sales center Beijing Li Peng You mechanical and electrical equipment sales center
- Chaoyang District, Beijing, China No. 59, West Da Wang Road, 1-1108, China

Wang Guopeng, email:, Tel. 86-010-58620561
products:   Vacuum pumps and vacuum components

vacuum pumps:
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, Slide vane vacuum pump, Screw Vacuum Pump, Claw-type vacuum pump
Cryopump, Molecular Pump, Ion pump, Roots vacuum, Reciprocating pump, Water Ring Vacuum Pump
vacuum components:
vacuum valves, flanges and fittings, vacuum Bellows, electrical feedthroughs

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