Vacuum Pumps Service and Repair in South Africa

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Vacuum Pumps Service and Repair in South Africa        Vacuum Pumps Service and Repair in South Africa

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Instruvac vacuum pump repairs AIR & VACUUM TECHNOLOGIES -
- PO Box 1762, Halfway House 1685, South Africa

Kevin Burn, email:

We have a 550m2 workshop facility based in Midrand that is run by Mr. Kevin Burn. Kevin has been trained in Germany on the rotary vane type vacuum pumps and has many years of experience in the repairs of this type of product. We have a person who has 13 years experience and is dedicated to the repair of the Roots type blowers and also the liquid ring type pumps both flat plate pumps and also conical design pumps.
We carry a very large quantity of spare parts for a variety of brands of vacuum pumps.
We repair vacuum packaging machines, design and build vacuum systems, electrical control pannels, water and oil circulation systems for the liquid ring vacuum pumps.
We have a laboratory equipment repair devision that concentrates on the repairs of all types of laboartory equipment but mostly our own range of Precisa balances & Endecotts sieve shakers.
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