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GEA Wiegand Japan GEA Process Engineering Limited -
- Ebis South One Bldg. 3F, 1-7-8, Ebisu-minami, Shibuya-ku, 150-0022 Tokyo, Japan

Hiroyuke Yanase , email, Tel.

GEA Wiegand Representation: GEA Wiegand is a worldwide leading company for process technology.
On 01 January 2009 GEA Wiegand's scope of products with evaporation, distillation and membrane filtration technology has been completed by the product range of the former GEA Jet Pumps GmbH consisting of jet pumps, vacuum systems and gas scrubbers.
products: ejectors and vacuum systems

steam jet vacuum pumps, jet pumps,
vacuum/steam jet cooling plants,
condensation plants, vacuum degassing plants,
jet and Venturi scrubbers, evaporation plants.

Japan Ejector Japan Ejector Engineering Co., Ltd -
- 1-2-11 Nipponbashi nishi, naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-0004, Japan

Nobu Konaka, Sales and Technical Dept., email, Tel.

As of the end of 2003, we have numbered over 20,000 units of ejectors and its related equipments, and over 120 units of Chilled Water Plants supplied to our customers all over the world. We are a unique and specialized company engaged in design and manufacture of only ejectors so that we recognize ourselves as a leader in this field and have devoted to collect the valuable data through the substantial research and development. Since 1983, we started the sales of Jet-Ring Vacuum Pump, the combination of ejectors and water ring vacuum pump. With its portability and economical use, this vacuum pump system has received an outstanding reputation being one of our main handling items today.
products: Vacuum ejectors

Steam Jet Ejector Series: Steam Ejectors, Steam jet Blowers, Steam Jet Compressors, Steam Jet Syphons, Steam Jet Heaters, Steam Jet Slurry Ejectors

Water Jet Ejector Series: Water Ejectors, Jet Scrubbers, Water Jet Compressors, Water Jet Eductor, Water Jet Solid Eductor

Gas Jet Ejector Series: Gas Ejectors, Gas Jet Blowers, Gas Jet Compressors, Gas Jet Syphons, Gas Jet Feeders
Hydro-Steam Ejector Units, Water Jet Condenser, Steam Desuperheaters, Jet-Ring Vacuum Pump System, Chilled Water Plants, Barometric & Surface Condenser

OSAKA vacuum ejector OSAKA VACUUM, Ltd -
- Nissay-Yodoyabashi Bldg., 3-5-29 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0041, Japan

email, Tel.

Development, manufacturing and sales of vacuum pumps, vacuum systems and vacuum pumping systems, 240 employees
products: エジェクタとは

エジェクタは、噴射蒸気他を駆動源とする、機械的駆動部の無い真空ポンプです。 構造が簡単で、故障もほとんどありません。操作も簡単で、大排気容量のものが製作できるため、 熔鋼脱ガス設備や重合設備を始め、いろいろな分野で利用されています。 エジェクタは単独で大気圧まで圧縮ができ、また直列につなぐ事によって、より高真空を得ることができます。 他の真空ポンプと組み合せて、真空システムとして使用することも可能です。


大阪真空では、用途によりいろいろな駆動源のシステムを製作いたします。 代表的な例として、水蒸気を使用する「蒸気エジェクタ」があげられます。 その他にも、駆動源として「空気」「水」「有機蒸気(例:エチレングリコール)」などを利用する事ができます。 いろいろな材料による製作が可能で、耐食性材料を使用することもできます。(例:チタン、カーベイト) 大阪真空は、技術と実績をもとに、ユーザーのニーズに合わせたエジェクタシステムを提供します。


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