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Edwards Vacuum Edwards vacuum -
- Manor Royal, Crawley RH10 2LW, United Kingdom

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With over 100,000 pumps in the field, Edwards is recognized as a leading supplier of mechanical booster pumps. Our pumps are based on the simple roots technology.
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BOC Edwards offers a wide range of mechanical booster pumps, which include high vacuum (EH Series), direct drive (6 inch and MB Series), high pressure differential (HV Series) and our iQMB Booster Pumps for semiconductor applications.

Dresser ROOTS vacuum boosters Dresser ROOTS -
- PO Box B7, Off St Andrews Road, Huddersfield HD1 6RB, United Kingdom

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ROOTS manufactures a full line of low-pressure air and gas handling blowers, exhausters and systems. ROOTS has been in continuous operation since 1854 when the Roots brothers discovered the principle behind the rotary lobe blower. Since 1854 ROOTS has developed extensive experience with providing solutions for a wide range of applications.
products: Roots vacuum boosters
  • ROOTS DVJ WHISPAIR dry vacuum exhausters feature an exclusive discharge jet plenum designed to allow cool, atmospheric air to flow into the casing. This unique design permits continuous operation to blank-off levels of vacuum ( 28" Hg / 948 mbar) in a single stage unit, without water injection or heat exchangers. Dry exhausters, not having the benefit of the WHISPAIRTM jet plenum are limited to approximately 16 Hg (542 mbar) due to extreme discharge temperatures resulting in casing and impeller distortion.
  • ROOT DVJ exhausters can be arranged to operate in two and three stage systems to achieve vacuum levels down to 1 torr.
  • RGS-HVB Vacuum Boosters: Gross displacement to 48,800 m3/hr and compression ratios to 20:1
  • HV Vacuum Boosters: Gross displacement to 13,000 m3/hr and ultimate pressures better than 5 x 10-3/hr mbarg.



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