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NanoTech Consulting NanoTech Consulting Ltd. -
- 24 Chalvington Drive, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7SB, United Kingdom

email:, Tel. +44 (0)7702 585 633

NanoTech Consulting has more than 25 years experience working in the high and ultra-high vacuum sectors and supplies a range of scientific instruments & systems that offer unrivalled performance, quality and value-for-money.
products: Vacuum Hardware & Consulting

CF Flanges & Fittings

KF Flanges & Fittings

ISO Flanges & Fittings

ITL Vacuum Instrument Technology Ltd., trading as ITL Vacuum Components - www
- Menzies Road, Ponswood Industrial Estate, St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, TN38 9BB, England

email, Tel.

ITL expanded rapidly with the introduction of a full range of KF, ISO and Conflat catalogue vacuum hardware flange and fitting components augmented with glass to metal seals, viewports, feedthroughs, ionisation gauge heads and manufacture of custom designed chambers and non-standards.
Since the 1990's, ITL has developed and maintained several significant key accounts, serving the world leading vacuum equipment suppliers and during this time received a number of achievement recognitions, including Virgin Fastrack 100 and Sussex Business awards.
products: Vacuum Components

KF Flanges and Fabrications
ISO Flanges and Fabrications
CF Flanges and Fabrications
Glass Products

Kurt J. Lesker Kurt J. Lesker Company Ltd. - www
- 15/16 Burgess Road, Hastings, East Sussex, TN35 4NR, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

KJLC is a global leader in the manufacture and design of vacuum technology products, providing solutions for research and production applications.
We work with you to provide quality solutions for your vacuum requirements. Enabling technology for a better world.
products: Flanges & Components

We manufacture a comprehensive range of flanges and flanged components such as nipples, elbows, tees, crosses, bellows, viewports, etc. in all standard vacuum flange systems.

KJLC offers over 14,000 different components for every type of vacuum environment, many available for same day dispatch anywhere in Europe.

s3vacuum SS Scientific Limited -
- 5A Southbourne Business Park, Courtlands Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN22 8UY, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

SS Scientific Ltd is involved in the design, manufacture and distribution of precision components and instrumentation for the vacuum industry.
products: Vacuum fittings

CF Components: Conflat Flanges (CF) are manufactured from high quality 304, 304L, 316 or 316LN stainless steel.
The CF series of flanges utilise the well proven captured copper gasket sealing principle which is universally used in the HV and UHV industry. The seal, an OFHC copper gasket, is held between the knife edges of a pair of CF Flanges.
This sealing method has a maximum bake out temperature of 450 degrees centigrade and is suitable for Ultra High Vacuum applications.

ISO Components: The ISO range of flanges and fittings are manufactured from high quality stainless steel.
The ISO flange uses an O ring seal held in place by a centering ring, these flanges are effective for high vacuum applications and bake able to 200 degrees centigrade.

KF Components: The KF range of flanges and fittings are manufactured from high quality stainless steel.
KF flanges utilize an aluminum clamp with a single wing nut fastener allowing frequent disassembly without tools, the vacuum seal is affected by uniform application of pressure by the clamp on the 15 degree surface of the flange and the mating flange surfaces compress an O ring held in place by a metal centering ring to produce a seal that can be used in high vacuum applications and baked to 200 degrees centigrade.

stevetone Stevetone UK Ltd -
- 8c Old Park Trading Estate, Old Park Road, Wednesbury, West Midlands WS10 9LR, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

With over 40 years of experience and commitment to the trade
We stock a large amount of forgings and steel plate so whether its flanges, spectacles and spades of all types are stocked, cut and machined in house and despatched quickly to the buyer or direct to site with the buyers delivery notes attached anywhere in the world.
products: Flanges of all types

Weld necks, Slip on, Blanks, Screwed, Socket weld, FF/RF/RTJ, Orifice, Plate/Boss Type, Stub Ends, Backing Flanges

Specials to any drawings supplied
Our flanges can be supplied Self colour, H D Galv, Epoxy/Plastic coating
Ranging from 1/4" to 52" O/D of flange up to 2 tonne in weight
Material ranging from A105N, A350 LF2, 304, 316L , A516 GD70 etc
Working to a range of specifications BS10, EN1092-1, API, B16.5, B16.36, JIS etc

Vacgen Flanges Vacgen Ltd -
- Castleham Industrial Estate, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN38 9NN, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

VG have been working under different names over the years (most recently VG Scienta) but our customers have always known us as Vacuum Generators, or more affectionately, VACGEN.
Now in 2015, we are officially VACGEN and are again the partner of choice for the next generation of researchers, innovators and builders. From our UK high tech manufacturing base, our focus is on delivering enabling technologies and supporting our customers across industry and academia.
products: UHV Conflat (CF) Flanges

Conflat flanges (CF) are designed to enable affordable, repeatable seals, that have low leak rate and the ability to withstand the high temperatures used for de-gassing (up to 450°C) without leaking.

Our range of UHV flanges are fully compatible with the internationally agreed standards and will connect to any other compliant CF flange. Available, as standard, in 304L and 316LN ESR.


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