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AEROTECH Motion control AEROTECH LTD. - www.aerotech.com
- Jupiter House, Calleva Park, RG7 8NN Aldermaston Berkshire, United Kingdom

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Since its inception, Aerotech has designed and manufactured the highest-performance motion control and positioning systems available, and our vacuum-compatible platforms are no exception. Aerotech's precision motion control products provide the critical performance for today's demanding vacuum applications in markets such as semiconductor manufacturing and inspection, optics fabrication, and military/aerospace.
products: motion control products

A wide variety of standard Aerotech motion products are available in vacuum-prepared versions.
In addition to standard platforms, Aerotech routinely manufactures custom systems designed to meet application specific needs.
All Aerotech's vacuum compatible motion platforms minimize pump downtime, chamber contamination, and thermal issues. In addition, these systems can incorporate key application considerations like reduction of magnetic fields.
Vacuum options available

Deben electrical feed through flange Deben UK Ltd - www.deben.co.uk
- Brickfields Business Park, Old Stowmarket Road,
Woolpit, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 9QS, United Kingdom

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Deben UK are a precision engineering company based in the East of England which specialises in the field of tensile testing, motion control and specimen cooling for microscopy applications.
Established in 1986 and named after a Suffolk river, Deben now operate from a large modern business unit in Woolpit, near Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.
products: Coolstage -25°C to +50°C for low vacuum SEMs

Main product groups are motor control systems, micro-tensile stages, cooling stages, digital imaging for SEM & TEM and beam blanking equipment. We also make special one off versions of these products to specifically meet customer requirements.

The Deben Coolstage is available for all Low Vacuum or Variable Pressure SEMs and guaranteed temperature range is +50°C to -25°C (at 300Pa chamber pressure).
CoolStage is a temperature controlled specimen holder which may be fitted to any Low Vacuum or Variable Pressure SEM.

HEASON linear stages HEASON TECHNOLOGY LTD E & OE - www.heason.com
- Unit 6, Lawson Hunt Industrial Park, Guildford Road,
Broadbridge Heath, RH12 3JR Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom

email, Tel.
products: vacuum stages
  • Linear Stages: Single Axis Tables, XY Tables, Z Travel Stages, Air Bearing Stages
  • Rotary Stages: Geared Rotary Stages, Direct Drive Rotary Stages
  • Positioning Slides, Motion Controllers, Rotary & Angle Encoders, Linear Encoders, Custom Solutions

HepcoMotion HepcoMotion® - www.hepcomotion.com
- Lower Moor Business Park, Tiverton Way, Tiverton, Devon EX16 6TG, United Kingdom

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Hepco Slide Systems Limited, a member of the Hepco Group of companies, was formed in 1969 and is now one of the world's foremost innovators and manufacturers in the field of Linear Motion Technology.
products: Advanced Linear Solutions
  • Linear Motion Products
  • Linear Actuators
  • Motion Control
  • Rotary and Continuous Motion
  • Machine Construction and System Solutions
  • Linear Measuring System

MDC Precision Manipulators MDC Precision, Ltd. - www.mdcprecision.com
- 4-7 Carters Lane, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3ER, United Kingdom

Peter Davenport, email: sales@caburn.co.uk, Tel. +44 (0)1825 280 450

Caburn-MDC Europe, together with MDC and ISI, aims to provide the most complete range of high- and ultra-high vacuum components to the European scientific community. From basic flanges to innovative valves, feedthroughs and deposition equipment, our comprehensive online catalogue can provide you with details on a wide range of standard products, all fully specified and priced online. Many of our products are available for rapid delivery.
products: Motion & Manipulation

MICROMECH vacuum stages Micromech Ltd - www.micromech.co.uk
- Chilford Court, Braintree, Essex, CM7 2QS, United Kingdom

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Micromech are the UK leading experts in positioning and speed control supplying a wide range of motion control products plus associated equipment to industry, research, defence and manufacturing.
products: Motion Control and Automation
  • Positioning
    Linear Actuators, Rotary Tables, Linear Positioning Tables, Rotary and Linear Guides, Couplings, Aluminium Profiles, Manual Stages Ballscrews
  • Nano-high precision
    Hexapods, Air Bearings, Linear Stages, Rotary Stages, Vacuum Stages, Custom Stages

UHV Design vacuum components UHV Design Ltd. - www.uhvdesign.com
- Unit 6, Stonecross Business Centre, Laughton,
Lewes, East Sussex, England, BN8 6BN, United Kingdom

email, Tel.
products: manipulators
  • Linear Motion: Linear Shift Mechanisms, Port Aligners
  • Transfer Tools: Professional Transfer Tools, Professional Rack and Pinion, Wobble Sticks
  • MultiBase XY stages, MultiBase XYZ manipulators
  • Y Shifts: Linear Displacement Mechanisms
  • Motion Controllers: Hand Held DC Controllers, Programmable Stepper Motor Controllers



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