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Alkor Technologies was founded in 1989: At the very beginning Alkor was focused on supplying blanks for optical components, but very very soon Alkor Technologies spreads its operations into polishing, coating, making optical windows, wedges, lenses, prisms not only of glasses, but many popular crystals as well.
Some of the crystals are home-made. We have own growth facility for BaF2 and CaF2 crystal growth. The company became capable of manufacturing state-of-the-art optics for the projects on the cutting edge of contemporary science.
products: UV and IR optical components, Optical windows, Infrared windows

All IR and UV optical components: lenses, windows and prisms are in-house manufactured. The main production facilities take place in Saint-Petersburg. Alkor Technologies produces the highest quality IR and UV optics at competitive prices.

Alkor Technologies - manufacturer of custom UV and IR optical windows made of different optical materials:
CaF2, BaF2, Germanium, Silicon, KBr, ZnSe, Fused Silica, BK7 and more.
Custom size round, square, rectangular and drilled optical windows are available upon request.
Optical Windows are flat, plane-parallel plates that are often used as protective barriers for electronic sensors or detectors from outside environments. Optical Windows should be selected based on the material transmission or mechanical properties of the substrate.



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