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R-DEC Co., Ltd - www.rdec.co.jp
- 1-16-10 Ninomiya, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0051 Japan

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R-DEC Co., Ltd. was established on June 1, 1988 for the purpose of distributing ultra high vacuum (UHV) equipment, physical and chemical analytical instruments, and related peripheral products.

Surface Analysis Systems
vacuum components

- 267-1, Ukizuka, 340-0835 Yashio City Saitama Pref, Japan

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products:   Depending on the application requirements, a choice can be made from a number of operating principles with capacities ranging from 0.01m³/h up to 8,500m³/h.

We also offer a range of ATEX certified pumps, including   rotary vane vacuum pumps,   dry running screw vacuum pumps,   side channel vacuum pumps and   dry running claw vacuum pumps and compressors.

Orion vacuum pump Orion Machinery Co., Ltd - www
- 246, Kotaka, Suzaka-Shi Nagano-Ken 382 8502, Japan

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Founded on November 3rd,1946
Number of Employee : 650
Subsidiary company : 43 companies 1,550 employees
Orion Machinery Co., Ltd. received ISO14001 certification on March 29, 2002 for its Head Office/Factory and Koshoku Plant. Orion shall develop Environmental Management System (EMS) through efficient implementation to protect our environment and promoting product developments which harmonizes environment.
products:   Dry rotary vane vacuum pumps

for the food, medicine, printing, precision machinery, office machine, dairy and other general industries since its development as Japan's first oil-less vacuum pumps in 1965.

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