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Pfeiffer Vacuum Pfeiffer Vacuum (Shanghai) Co., Ltd -
- Unit B, 5th Floor, Building 3, YouYou Park, 428 Yanggao South Road,
Shanghai, 200127, China

email:, Tel. +86 (0)21-33933940

Pfeiffer Vacuum-作为全球领先的真空技术解决方案的供应商之一。我们不仅拥有全系列的混合轴承及全磁悬浮涡轮分子泵, 同时还拥有各种旋片泵,干泵,罗茨泵,氦气质谱检漏仪,真空规,四级质谱仪等产品以及真空管件和综合真空系统。 从普发1958年发明涡轮分子泵至今, 我们在全球分析、研发、镀膜、太阳能、半导体和其他工业领域,始终代表着创新的解决方案、高品质、稳定可靠的产品和一流的服务。公司自1890年创立至今百余年,现有将近2300名员工,20多家分公司遍布全球,并且在德国、法国、罗马尼亚、韩国设有生产制造基地。
products:   Vacuum components, flanges and fittings

Flange components create the connections for individual vacuum components and are required for every vacuum system. In doing so, the vacuum technology places high demands on the materials used as well as on the manufacture of the components.

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers you several proven flange systems which correspond to the different connection standards:
  - small flanges (ISO-KF) in sizes DN 10 to DN 50
  - clamping flanges (ISO-K) in sizes DN 63 to DN 630,
  - CF flanges (CF) in sizes DN 16 to DN 350
  - as well as Bolt flanges (COF) in sizes DN 400 to DN 800.

VACTECHNIC Vactechnic Industries Co.,Ltd -
- Botian industrial park, Ruian, Zhejiang 057510, Wenzhou, China

Susan Wang, sales mgr., email:, Tel. +86-0575-8133396

Founded in 2003, VACTECHNIC is a professional Chinese manufacturer of High and Ultra High Vacuum products. Our main products are vacuum chambers, vacuum flanges & fittings, valves, turbo pumps etc. We have a good professional team which have many years experience on machining high difficulty stainless steel products, we also have high precision CNC machine center and high precision vacuum welding equipments, well equipped inspection department (including Helium Mass Spectrometer leak detection) and quality management systems. we have designed and fabricated vacuum components, chambers and supporting equipment for many big vacuum companies around the world.
products:   Vacuum and ultra-high-vacuum flanges and components

CF Flange Series, KF Flange Series, ISO Flange Series, Flexible Hoses, Vacuum and ultra-high-vacuum chambers, Vacuum Valves, Turbomolecular Pumps.

- 22 West Lufeng Road, East Industrial Zone, Kunshan Economic & Technical Development Zone, 215331 Jiangsu Province, China

email, Tel.

King Lai, founded in 1991, is one of the fastest growing manufacturers for components and fittings in sanitary piping systems and vacuum technology systems. King Lai sanitary division serves customers in various industries, from daily articles of dairy, food, and beverage, to laboratory studies of chemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-tech. King Lai vacuum products are also valued highly by customers in vacuum technology, scientific instruments, laboratory research, and aerospace industries. With our recent success in research and development, King Lai vacuum division further expands services to semi-conductor, solar power, and fiber optic industries.
products:   CF Fittigs, KF Fittings, ISO Fittings

Utilizing engineering and manufacturing expertise, King Lai is constantly developing HV & UHV fittings, flanges, valves and other accessories to meet needs in electronics, energy, vacuum systems, synchrotron radiation, and any other advanced technological industries.

Suzhou Linhai Suzhou Linhai Mechanical Co., Ltd -
- Xiangcheng Huangqiao Street Wangsheng Road No.8,Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Sang Jinlong, email, Tel.

Suzhou Linhai Mechanical Co.,Ltd, being abundant in economy and technology, specializes in manufacturing and selling products for pharmacy, food, petroleum, shipping, biochemistry equipment, sanitation fluid and vacuum equipment fittings.
products:   KF and CF vacuum flanges

Vacuum products, Special accessory, Valve, Vacuum apparatus

ytvacuum Wuxi YuTian Metal Products Co., Ltd -
- Nongba Village, Dongbeitang Town Xishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China 214191

email, Tel. +86 0510 8100 7201
products:   Flanges and fittings

Jiangyin Zoeca Fitting Jiangyin Zoeca Fitting Co.,Ltd. -
- No.2 Binjiang West Road, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China 214400

Amber Cao, Sales Manager, email, Tel. +86-510-86837576
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