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- No. 89 Ganzhu Rd., Hemei Town, 50047 Changhua, Taiwan

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Everfit Technology is a division of Ming Yang Industry Co., Ltd., formally founded in 1976 and engaged in machining and manufacturing industrial fittings - cast and forged SS fittings, as well as forged flanges to the worldwide market.
Everfit Technology is established in 2001 mainly producing high quality fittings & valves for food, beverage, dairy, brewery, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and bio-technology industries.
products: vacuum flanges

vacuum flanges (KF, CF, ISO)

Gillson Taiwan Gillson -
- 10F-4, No 3, Lane 2, 1st Rd., Taichung Industrial Zone, Taichung 40767, Taiwan

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Gillson is one of a professional stainless steel fitting and vacuum flanges manufacturer in Taiwan since 1996. For better service we are not only offering vacuum fittings but also specializing in semiconductor & vacuum field since 2005.
products: KF Flange - long & short

Size :NW16, 25 , 40 , 50
Material : 304 grade

- Gung-Min South Road II An-Nan Area, Tainan 709, Taiwan

Yelin Lin, email, Tel.

Highlight Tech. Corp. specializes in semiconductor core spare parts production, vacuum pump vendoring, coupled with vacuum system modeling and technical services offering.
products: vacuum flanges: KF Flange, ISO Flange and CF flange

and components: vacuum valve, gate valve, vacuum fitting, vacuum adaptor, metal bellows, centering ring.

- No.7, 9th East Street, Youth Industrial Zone, Tachia District, Taichung City, Taiwan R.O.C 43770

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King Lai, founded in 1991, is one of the fastest growing manufacturers for components and fittings in sanitary piping systems and vacuum technology systems. King Lai sanitary division serves customers in various industries, from daily articles of dairy, food, and beverage, to laboratory studies of chemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-tech. King Lai vacuum products are also valued highly by customers in vacuum technology, scientific instruments, laboratory research, and aerospace industries. With our recent success in research and development, King Lai vacuum division further expands services to semi-conductor, solar power, and fiber optic industries.
products: Fittings, flanges & valves

Utilizing engineering and manufacturing expertise, King Lai is constantly developing HV & UHV fittings, valves and other accessories to meet needs in electronics, energy, vacuum systems, synchrotron radiation, and any other advanced technological industries.

Wellgrow Taiwan Wellgrow Industries Corp. -
- No.66, Lane 126, Sec. 2, Shi-Twen Rd., Taichung 40749, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Sandy Wang, email, Tel.

Wellgrow Industries Corp. founded in 1987 is the member of HSIUNG SHUN GROUP a professional manufacturer of high quality stainless steel and carbon steel butt weld fittings, cast pipe fittings, forged pipe fittings, sanitary fittings, sanitary valves, BPE fittings, butterfly valve, sight glass, check valve, ball valve, plug valve, needle valve, strainer, non-return valve, gate valve, globe valve, knife gate valve, vacuum components, instrument tube fittings, handrail & balustrade fittings, flanges, coil, plate, sheet, pipe, tube, bar.. etc. for various industries applications.
products: Vacuum components, vacuum flanges

Weld Fitting, Weld Flange, Weld Valve
KF Fitting, KF Flange, KF Valve
ISO Fitting, ISO Flange, ISO Valve
CF Fitting, CF Flange, CF Valve

Wellgrow manufactures a full line of Vacuum Fittings, Vacuum Products, Vacuum Components, Vacuum Flange, Flange Adapter, Vacuum Valve, Vacuum Tubing, Vacuum Hose, Pipe Fittings, Weld Fitting, based on our flexible production ability and strict quality control, which are applied to Ultra-high, UHV, high vacuum system, semiconductor industry, vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, and optoelectronics applications.

Our available series are KF (NW, ISO-KF), ISO, CF (Conflat), in grade 304, 304L, 316, 316L, DIN1.4301, DIN1.4306, DIN1.4401, DIN1.4404 stainless steel and also aluminum for some components. Our available surface finishes are pickled, machining, polished, electro-polished, sand-blasted.
Custom flanges are available upon request. We maintain inventory for prompt delivery and to meet those unexpected demands.


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