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GEA Wiegand in Iran Dooman Co. Ltd. -
- 6, Mahnaz Street, Vali-E-ASr Ave., IR - Tehran 19 667, Iran

Mr. Ahmad Tavakolian, email:, Tel. +98 21 26215237

GEA Wiegand is a worldwide leading company for process technology.
products: ejectors and vacuum systems
  • vacuum/steam jet cooling plants
  • condensation plants
  • vacuum degassing plants
  • jet and venturi scrubbers
  • evaporation plants, distillation plants
  • membrane filtration units.

GEA Wiegand in Iran Mohsen Kashani Zadeh -
- No. 1777 Vali-e-Asr Ave., 7th Floor No. 40, 19617 Tehran, Iran

Mohsen Kashani, email:, Tel. +98 21 22704326

GEA Wiegand is a worldwide leading company for process technology.
products: ejectors and vacuum systems
  • vacuum/steam jet cooling plants
  • condensation plants
  • vacuum degassing plants
  • jet and venturi scrubbers
  • evaporation plants, distillation plants
  • membrane filtration units.

ARIAN VACUUM Pars Amayesh Sanaat Kish Co. -
- 3rd Fl, No. 6, Karimkhan St., Tehran, Iran

Hadi Mahdavi, email:, Tel. +982188837714

Pars Amayesh Sanaat Kish Co., PASK, is a supplier of vacuum systems in Iran and Middle East. Our business has been focusing on Vacuum Systems Industry with diversified & innovative engineering solutions in the application, design and engineering of extensive range of Vacuum systems, in addition to offering consulting services in engineering, procurement and installation.
  • Vacuum furnaces and deposition systems
  • Rotary Vane and Roots vacuum Pump
  • Cryogenics systems
  • Dry vacuum Pump
  • Liquid Ring vacuum Pump

- shora - ghods, Tehran 1696633516, Iran

Mehdi Mahmoudi, email:, Tel. +989121234584
products: Vacuum pumps and blowers

Turbomolecular vacuum pumps, diffusion vacuum pumps
Side channel blowers, Scroll pumps, Roots blowers, Liquid ring pumps
Rotary vane pumps, piston vacuum pumps.

vacuum chambers, vacuum gauges, diffusion pump oil, rotary vane pump oil.

Kian Pars Vacuum Pumps Kian Pars Vacuum Pumps - Kian Pars IND Group - www.parsvacuumpumps
- In front of Saderat Bank - Dolat Abad industrial zone - Isfahan - Iran

Eng. Abbasi, email:, Tel. +98-31-45838830
products: Manufacture of vacuum pump rotary liquid ring since 1995

producing Vacuum pumps : 50 m3 - 80 m3 - 120 m3 - 200 m3 - 500 m3
offering 24H Online Service - 1 Year Guarantee - 10 Years support

in industrial fields: petroleum, petrochemical, mining and metals, cement, sugar, chemical industries, water and sewage, CNC Wood , Autoclave

- Street Temple Street prophetic character in front of the lily tests, Alley second

email:, Tel.
products: Rotary vane vacuum pumps

AsiaVacuumPumps AsiaVacuumPumps -
- No. 15, Fath 25, Fath Highway, Saeedi St, Azadi Sq, Tehran, Iran

Hossein Zaghi, email, Tel.
products: Vacuum Systems, Technology & Engineering

  Liquid ring vacuum pumps, Roots Air Blower, Dry Vacuum Pump

  Oil Seal Vacuum Pump, Repair & Services, Turbomolecular pumps

  Diffusion vacuum pumps, Scroll pumps, Piston vacuum pumps

  Side channel blowers, Vacuum Oils, Greases, Lubricants

Dena Vacuum Dena Vacuum - www.
- No 13,16/5 honar Alley,17 (Kaveh Bolvar) Street, Chahardange Industrial Area, Saeedy High Way, Tehran, Iran

email, Tel. (+98) 21 55 44 85 18
products: Freeze drying: laboratory, pilot and production freeze dryers

Vacuum systems have different usages in food industries, medical applications, chemical industries, agriculture, etc..
One of these useful and sophisticated vacuum systems are freeze dryer systems (lyophilizers); different kinds of freeze dryers from laboratory to pilot and production have a widespread usage in different industries and scientific researches as mentioned above.

KARAJET Kara Sanat Tadbir Paya Co. -
- No. 870, 15 St., Andisheh Blvd., Toos Industrial Estate, Mashhad 9185183899, Iran

Mrs. Elham Mohammadi, email, Tel.

KARAJET® is a consolidated brand of two Companies:
Kara Tahvieh Co. was established in 1995 offering steam compression, refrigeration systems and multiphase heat exchangers ;
Kara Sanat Tadbir Paya Company which was established in 2008 to design and manufacture silencer, separator, desuperheater and static mixer.
products: Vacuum Systems, Ejectors (Steam, Gas, and Liquid)

KARAJET® has more than twenty years of experience in design and manufacturer of different kinds of Vacuum Systems, Ejectors (Steam, Gas, and Liquid), Silencers, Steam Jet Chillers, Desuperheaters, Static Mixers, Jet Mixers, Scrubbers, Separators, Heat Exchangers and Condensers.
We serve our products and services to various industries such as Petrochemical, Chemical, Petroleum, Gas, Food and Beverage, Power and Steel.

- azarshahr road, 5197814973 Tabriz, Iran

Hamed Dabbaghi, email, Tel.
products: Vacuum Pump - centrifugal Pump - Ventilator

Liquid ring vacuum pumps


- unit 9, no.24, Pirniya Alley, Forsat shirazi St., North Kargar Ave., 14188 Tehran, Iran

Mohammad Aslani, email, Tel.

Our company is the manufacturer of liquid ring vacuum pumps and blowers, complete packages (water or oil) and ejectors.
Liquid ring vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, rotary lobe air blowers, dry runing vacuum pumps,
high vacuum systems, vacuum components, RF & DC sputtering system, plasma coating vacuum system and vacuum plants.

Takhtejamshid Mehr Trading Company, Ltd -
- Zardosht St, Opposite of Mehr Hospital, Bldg n° 101, 3rd Floor, Tehran 14157, Iran

Mahdi Zohari, Managing Director, email, Tel.

TJM - a trademark and partner for architectural and construction planning, technical consultation, delivery and construction of facilities and products of water, sewage and environmental technology on the domestic and international market
Also, the company takhtejamshid mehr has experience in construction, planning, production, delivery of products of the development oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
measurement, metering systems - precision tools- agricultural machinery - diesel generator - compressor and vacuum pumps - electric meter - water meters - pumps - pipe - valve and fittings - distance reading systems for meters - bull water meter,woltman - test benches - cleaning systems- prime movers- analyzers .

YARAN - www.
- Abshenasan, 1478734998 Tehran, Iran

M. Yazdi, email, Tel.

YARAN Behgozin Pars Co. is privately owned by a small group of investors. The company grew to be well known for their popular laboratory vacuum systems and their innovative solutions for the challenges of high temperature vacuum systems design.
products: Vacuum furnaces,

Yar Nikan Saleh Yar Nikan Saleh -
- , Iran

email, Tel.
products: design and manufacture of microelectronic / high-vacuum components and equipment

High Vacuum Systems : Equipment to create low pressure condition 10-8 Torr
Coating systems, equipment for thin film deposition
Cryogenic Systems
Lithography process