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Bamford Morris Bamford & Morris Ltd. - www.bamfordandmorris.com
- Unit 1 Bath Lane Mill, Friars Mill, Bath Lane, Leicester LE3 5BJ, United Kingdom

email: info@bamfordandmorris.com, Tel. + 44 (0)844 884 4732

Bamford & Morris Ltd are a specialist venturi product designer & manufacturer established in 2017, our design engineers have over 15 years of industry experience in designing & supplying venturi products into a large range of industries including offshore oil and gas, petrochemcial, water and waste water, marine, food production, pneumatic conveyance and power generation to name but a few.
products:   Custom Venturi Product Solutions

Bamford & Morris design, manufacture and supply custom venturi products classified as:

Eductors,   Ejectors,   Steam Heaters and Steam Desuperheaters

We supply skid mounted systems and complete packages as well as the individual eductors and ejectors.

Iseki Vacuum Systems Limited - www.iseki-vacuum.com
- High March, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 4QE, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

With its reputation for designing, installing and commissioning its vacuum systems as well as manufacturing products with proven reliability, Iseki is a world leader in the field of vacuum sewerage collection systems.
products:   Valve Chambers, Vacuum Sewers, Vacuum Station

Northvale Korting Ltd. - www.northvalekorting.co.uk
- Uxbridge Road, Leicester, LE4 7ST, United Kingdom

email, Tel.
products:   Liquid Jet Pumps, Steam Ejectors, Mixing Eductors, Steam Desuperheaters

Direct Contact Condensers, Powder & Granule Eductors, Tank Circulating Heaters, Steam Heaters

KORTING Fluid Jet Equipment is a group of products most of which operate on the Ejector or Jet Pump principle with no moving parts which can be used to pump, mix, heat, cool or produce a vacuum using a high pressure/velocity motive fluid to entrain a lower pressure suction fluid.

Nottingham Electrical Transmissions Nottingham Electrical Transmissions - www.net-eng.co.uk
- Northern Court, Vernon Road, Basford, Nottingham NG6 0BJ, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

N.E.T. are an authorised distributor of Elmo Vacuum Pumps.
products:   ELMO Side Channel Vacuum Pumps

The ELMO vacuum pump is designed as a self sufficient stand alone vacuum system, that is 100% oil free as well as being compact and quiet.
They are suitable for the following industries: Plastics, Food & Dairy, Hospitals, Ceramics, Packaging & Print machines.

Stratox Limited - www.stratox.com
- 18c Oakham Enterprise Park, Oakham, Rutland LE15 7TU, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

Design, manufacture, consult, and service all low and ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems. We have special expertise in F-gas compliant auto-cascade systems and refrigerant gases.
products:   Cryo-cooler service and repair

- Ultra Low Temperature Refrigeration
- Manufacturing design consultancy
- Compliance and regulatory advice (F Gas)
- F Gas compliant refrigerant blends and design.

SiSTEM Technology Ltd - www.sistemtechnology.com
- Grafton Suite, Caswell Science & Technology Park, Towcester, Northamptonshire NN12 8EQ, United Kingdom

David Agate, email, Tel. +44 1327 317623

SiSTEM Technology is a full service company in operation since June 2004.
Prior to this, SiSTEM's founder, Chris Ridge, had worked in the semiconductor and high technology industries for over 30 years in research and development, process engineering and later capital equipment distribution.
products:   capital equipment, consumables and services to the semiconductor industry:

Atomic Layer Deposition   Sputtering   Thermal Processing   Wet process

Megasonics   Handling and Automation   Probe, Test and Burn-in   Vacuum   Photolithography

Transvac vacuum ejector Transvac Systems Ltd. - www.transvac.co.uk
- Bramble Way, Alfreton, DE55 4RH, United Kingdom

David Ainge, email, Tel.

Transvac has designed and manufactured steam ejectors systems for over 30 years.
products:   Steam ejector systems

We produce a comprehensive range of custom designed Steam Ejector systems from coarse vacuum single stage units up to 5 stage multi stage systems in standard and corrosion resistant materials.

We also offer a complete range of steam ejector / liquid ring pump systems and atmospheric air ejectors.
Transvac ejector systems can be fully packaged complete with direct or indirect contact condensers for low level or barometric operation.
Transvac also offers a consultancy / maintenance / training service for steam ejector vacuum systems.

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