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Agilent vacuum Agilent Technologies UK Ltd. - www.agilent.com
- 6 Mead Road, Oxford Industrial Park, Yarnton, Oxford OX5 1QU, United Kingdom

email: vpt-customercare@agilent.com, Tel. +44 1865 291570

Agilent Vacuum Products Division (VPD), formerly Varian Vacuum, is a global supplier with a complete range of vacuum pumps, leak detectors, components and accessories to create, control, maintain and measure vacuum.
products:   Diffusion pumps   Dry Scroll   Ion Pumps   Turbomolecular   Leak detectors

We have always been in the forefront of vacuum technology, setting industry standards from the very beginning with the invention of the ion pump in the late 1950s that made UHV possible. Major developments in diffusion pump and leak detection technology soon followed, with innovations in turbomolecular and dry scroll pumping, up to the most recent revolutionary TwisTorr FS turbo pumps and IDP-series dry scroll pumps.

supervane Supervane Ltd - www.supervane.com
- 2c Horseshoe Business Park, Upper Lye Lane, Bricket Wood, St Albans AL2 3TA, United Kingdom

email: sales@supervane.com, Tel. +44 1923 594255

Established in 2013 as a distributor of carbon vanes, Supervane became a producer of OEM quality carbon vanes in 2018. As well as one of the top companies among alternative carbon vane suppliers.
products:   carbon vanes

OEM quality carbon vanes for dry running vacuum pumps and compressors. High precision CNC machining. Original vane shape and graphite surface.

Pfeiffer Vacuum United Kingdom Pfeiffer Vacuum Ltd - www.pfeiffer-vacuum.co.uk
- 16 Plover Close, Interchange Park, Newport Pagnell, United Kingdom MK16 9PS

email: info@pfeiffer-vacuum.de, Tel. +44 (0)1908 500600
products:   vacuum pumps and systems, measurement and analysis equipment, vacuum components

  Rotary vane vacuum pumps   diaphragm pumps   piston vacuum pumps   dry screw pumps

  High vacuum side channel pumps   roots blowers   turbomolecular pumps

  Vacuum measurement   Analysis, Residual Gas Analyser

  Leak detectors   leak detection systems

  Vacuum chambers   vacuum flanges and fittings   hoses, flexible connectors

  Viewports   vacuum valves   feedthoughs   manipulators

Highland Scientific Highland Scientific - www.highland-scientific.com
- 16 Bedford Business Centre, Mile Road, MK42 9TW Bedford, United Kingdom

David Ward, sales, email: sales@highland-scientific.com, Tel. + 44 (0)870 950 0071
products:   Highland Scientific stocks thousands of new and pre-owned spares and parts

sourced globally from leading companies such as: Applied Materials (AMAT), ASM, Balzers, Beta Square, Eaton, Edwards, ESEC, Firfax, Leybold, Inficon, Perkin-Elmer, SVG, Swiss Step, Temescal, Tokyo Electron and many others.

Aerzen Machines Limited - www.aerzengb.com
Aerzen House, Langston Road, Essex, IG10 3SQ, United Kingdom

Michael Keenan, sales mgr., email, Tel.

Aerzen Machines Ltd is a wholly owned daughter company of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH. Established in the UK for more than 30 years supplying oil free screw compressors and Roots blowers, it has a strong customer base in the both the positive pressure and vacuum market.

High and medium vacuum roots pumps, roots pumps and screw compressors with preinlet cooling - volume range 180 - 97,000 m3/hr.
also with canned motors volume range 105 to 15,330 m3/hr. Pressure ranges down to 10 minus 5 mbar abs.

Charles Austen Pumps Ltd. - www.charlesausten.co.uk
- Royston Road, Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 7NY, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

OEM mini vacuum pumps and compressors,
laboratory pumps,
linear diaphragm vacuum pumps.

Cressington Scientific Instruments Ltd. - www.cressington.com
- 34 Chalk Hill, Watford WD19 4BX, England (UK)

email, Tel.

Desktop coaters for thin film research & product development, for EM sample preparation
Evaporation, Sputtering, Mixed Technology Coating, Thickness Measurement, Power Supplies, Feedthroughs, Pump Stations
Consumables & spares (Sputter Coater Targets, Spare Sample Tables, Carbon Rods and Carbon Source Spares, ..)

UHV Chambers in stainless steel and Mu-metal CVT LTD - www.cvt.ltd.uk
- 4 Carters Lane, Kiln Farm, MK11 3ER Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Richard DAVIES, email: richard.davies@cvt.ltd.uk, Tel. +441908563267

Established in 1977. Manufacturer of high quality UHV and HV chambers in stainless steel and Mu-metal
products:   UHV Chambers

EWB Solutions Ltd. - www.ewbs.co.uk
- Unit 20, Brickfields Industrial Estate, Finway Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP2 7QA, England

email, Tel.

EWB Solutions Ltd. is an established precision engineering company which specialises in fine quality TIG and Plasma fusion welding techniques for the production of edge welded metal bellows and other products requiring high quality 'state of the art' micro fusion joining, more cost effective than either Electron Beam or Laser welding.
Typical bellows applications include valve stem sealing, accumulators, anaeroid capsules, high vacuum feed-throughs, pressure sensors and actuators. We can design and manufacture bellows in a full range of diameters and thicknesses ranging from 10 to 250 mm diameter in materials 0.05 to 0.3mm.
products:   edge welded metal bellows

Ferrotec (UK) Ltd. - www.ferrotec.com
- Unit 3, The io Centre, The Royal Arsenal Estate, Skeffington Street, Woolwich, London SE18 6SR, United Kingdom

Stan King, email

Founded on a technology core of Ferrofluid magnetic liquid and Ferrofluidic® sealing products, our company and our product portfolio have grown to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Ferrotec is now a global enterprise characterized by substantial intercompany cooperation in research, manufacturing and marketing of products.
products:   Ferrofluidic Seal Solutions

including vacuum rotary seals, specialty seals, and interia dampers
Ferrotec's Ferrofluidic® solutions - Ferrofluidic vacuum rotary feedthroughs and other products - use ferrofluid as part of an applied solution.

Gast Manufacturing Co. Ltd. - www.gastltd.com
- Knaves Beech Business Centre, HP109SD High Wycombe,Bucks, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

Gast Manufacturing Incorporated was founded in Michigan USA in 1921 by William H. Gast. In 1967, a partner ship was entered into to form a new British subsidiary, Gast Manufacturing Company Limited which was incorporated and commenced trading on 1st November 1967. Gast has developed into a worldwide leader in the manufacture of air-movingproducts. We offer over 100 basic models of quality pneumatic pumps designed and built to meet the changing needs of industry.

rocking piston, Air motors/Gear motors, linear, rotary vane vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers, piston, diaphram, vacuum generators.

Industrial Blower Services Ltd. - www.ibsblowers.com
- Unit 6, River Brent Business Park, Trumpers Way, Hanwell, London W7 2QA, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

IBS employ dedicated experts in vacuum technologies, applications and systems. We can advise what type of equipment is best suited to provide the solution for a particular application based on key requirements including vacuum level, volume to be evacuated, evacuation time, operating costs and environmental issues.

IBS offer a wide range of vacuum pumps either new, reconditioned or service exchange representing all of the popular, tried and tested technologies including liquid ring, rotary vane (oil lubricated and dry running), side channel, roots types (including boosters) and claw.

KNF diaphragm pump, laboratory pumps and vacuum systems KNF Neuberger U.K., Ltd - www.knf.co.uk
- Avenue 2, Station Lane Industrial Estate, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 4FA, UK

email: info@knf.co.uk, Tel. +44 (1993) 77 83 73

The UK subsidiary offers a global approach, but with local touch. At our facilities in Witney, Oxfordshire we are able to offer full sales and technical support, repair and after sales service. UK systems and specialised packages are an integral part of our operation. KNF experts are your competent partner for all applications involving transferring, compression, evacuation and metering.
products:   laboratory pumps, diaphragm pump technology and vacuum systems

Mainca UK Limited - www.mainca.co.uk
- 159 Boyn Valley Road, Maidenhead, Birkshire SL6 4EG, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

Mainca UK Limited has now been established for over 10 years as suppliers of quality equipment to the butchery, bakery and catering trades.
products:   Rotary vane vacuum pumps

from 6 to 250 m3/hr for the food processing industry.

LEYBOLD - www.leybold.co.uk
- Silverglade Business Park Leatherhead Road Unit 2, Chessington (London) KT9 2QL, United Kingdom

email, Tel.
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Dry Compressing Piston Vacuum Pumps, Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps, Dry Compressing Screw Vacuum Pumps, Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps, Roots Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Pump Systems,
Turbomolecular Pumps, Turbomolecular Pump Systems, Oil Diffusion Pumps, Cryopumps, Cryogenics, Vacuum Fittings and Feedthroughs, Vacuum Valves, Ultra-high Vacuum Components, Total Pressure Gauges, Leak Testing Instruments, Turboradial Blowers, High Vacuum Experimentation Systems.

Pyramid Pyramid Engineering Services Co Ltd - www.pyramideng.com
- 25 Hailey Road, Hailey Road Business Park, Erith, Kent DA18 4AA, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

Pyramid have rightly established themselves as the leader in the field for the design and manufacture of Pre-process Vacuum Gasbake Ovens.
products:   Vacuum Oven System

The vacuum oven process is one of the most crucial elements to the final product performance, reliability and long term functionality. It is sometimes overlooked that the conditions in which the product is processed is as equally as important as the final hermetic seal. Pyramid’s range of vacuum ovens offers suitable options for most process, production and budgetary requirements.
The chamber capacity is a very important aspect of the process conditions allowing extended processing time of the device but providing adequate throughput to maintain operation of the welder system utilised. Pyramid provides the largest range of chamber capacities in the industry negating the use of multi chamber combinations and providing a flexible solution to your throughput requirements

Spectite Ltd. - www.spectite.com
- PO Box 3496, Gerrards Cross, SL9 8WP, United Kingdom

email, Tel.
products:   vacuum sealed feedthrough assemblies

Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of Europe, Ltd - www.shicryogenics.com
- 3 Hamilton Close, Houndmills Industrial Estate, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 6YT, United Kingdom


Manufacturing in Japan and USA, with worldwide service centres.
Markets served: MRI, Research, Semiconductor
products:   Cryopumps

2-Stage 4.2K cryocoolers, 4K Pulse Tubes

Testbourne Ltd. - www.testbourne.com
- Unit 12/13, Hassocks Wood, Stroudley Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8UQ, United Kingdom

email, Tel. +44 (0)1256 467055

High Purity Materials, SuperVac Materials, Sputtering Targets, Evaporation Sources, UHV Components, Sensor Crystals, Thin film Controllers, Sample Preparation, Oils, Sealants, Greases

Vacuum Instrument Corporation (Europe) Ltd - www.vic-europe.com
- 17 Copthorne Road, Croxley Green, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD3 4AB, United Kingdom

Malcolm Coombs, Director VIC-Europe,
products:   Helium leak detectors

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