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Quicksilver Engineering Quicksilver Engineering Ltd. -
- Bryn Bach, Llandrillo, Denbighshire, LL21 0TE, United Kingdom

Hugh Stiles, email:, Tel. +44-77-3924-2814

Quicksilver Engineering Ltd. are Applied Vacuum's European distributors and provides engineering services, including complete turnkey packages.
products: vacuum ejectors

Quicksilver Engineering Ltd. offers not only general chemical and process engineering expertise and consultancy services plus specialist vacuum engineering know-how, but also project management, troubleshooting, commissioning and conceptual design, with further specialisation in biomass pyrolysis/gasification and in the application of the Machinery Directive to process plant.

Scanwel for clean and uhv applications Scanwel Ltd. -
- Llandderfel, LL23 7HW Bala, United Kingdom

Ian Owen, email:, Tel. +44 (0)1678 530 281

Scanwel was established in 1974, to provide a rapid response service to the rapidly expanding market in high vacuum fittings and fabrications.
Scanwel manufacture over 5000 products. We carry an extensive stock (probably the widest range in the UK) of our own manufactured hardware, including: Viewports, Ion Pumps and Controllers, Foreline Traps and Cold Traps, Standard Vacuum Components, Heating Tapes,Jackets and Tents Chambers, Fabrication and Baseplates, Conflat, Klein and ISO Flanges and Fitting, Angle Valves, Leak Valves and Gate Valves, Motion, Electrical, Liquid and Optical Feedthroughs.
products: fittings, components, custom fabrications / chambers

Scanwel distributes leading edge technology products from world leading companies:
- Ametek - Dycor Quadrupoles & RGA Systems
- GammaVacuum - Getter Pumps (Ion & TSP)
- Hemi Heating - Bakeout Fans, Heating Tapes, Jackets & Tents
- High Vacuum Apparatus - Gate Valves
- Huntington - Vacuum Valves, Motion Feedthroughs & Manipulators
- Kimball Physics - Electron & Ion Optics
- Nanonis - SPM Control Systems for Any Microscope
- NT-MDT - Ambient, Vacuum, Liquid & Bio SPM
- Physical Electronics - Surface Analysis (XPS, AES, ToF & DSIMS)
- RHK - UHV STM & AFM Components, Systems & Controlware
- Solid Sealing Technology - Electrical Feedthroughs & Glass-Metal Seals
- SPECS - Surface Science Components, Systems, Arhus & JT-STMs
- SPS-Createc - LT-STM Systems & Components
- VTS-Createc - MBE Systems & Components