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Flowserve SIHI (Manchester) Flowserve SIHI (Manchester) QRC - www.sterlingsihi.com
- Europe House, Secound Avenue, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1EE, United Kingdom

email: uksales@sterlingfluid.com, Tel. +44 (0) 161 928 6371

Shaun Hampson, email: shaun_hampson@sterlingfluid.com,

Sterling Fluid Systems (UK) operates out of it's modern facility in Altrincham, Cheshire and is member of the Sterling Fluid Systems Group of pump companies with some of industry's strongest vacuum and liquid centrifugal pump brands including SIHI and LaBour
products:   vacuum pumps and vacuum systems

- liquid ring vacuum pumps

- Sealless (Magnetic) Pumps

- Dry running vacuum pump SIHIdry

VACUUM TECHNOLOGY LTD - www.vacuumtechnology.co.uk
- 3 Deanfield Court, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 1QS, United Kingdom

Arnold Foster, email: service@vacuumtechnology.co.uk, Tel. +44 (0) 1200 443608

Vacuum Technology are independant vacuum pump repair specialists.
products:   vacuum pump repairs and service

We carry out repairs and service to a high standard on all types of vacuum pumps.

HIDEN ANALYTICAL - www.hidenanalytical.com
- 420 Europa Boulevard, Gemini Business Park, Warrington WA5 7UN, United Kingdom

Peter Hatton, email: phatton@hiden.co.uk, Tel. +44 1925445225

Hiden Analytical celebrates more than 25 years of design, development and manufacture of quadrupole mass spectrometers. Our products address a diverse range of applications - precision gas analysis, plasma diagnostics by direct measurement of plasma ions and ion energies, SIMS probes for UHV surface science, catalysis performance quantification, thermo-gravimetric studies - over a pressure range extending from 30 bar processes down to UHV/XHV.
products:   Mass spectrometers for vacuum, gas, plasma and surface science

Quadrupole mass spectrometers for advanced surface science, real time gas analysis, residual gas analysis and plasma characterization.
RGA- residual gas analyser
HPR 30 vacuum process analysers.
SIMS - Secondary ion mass spectrometer system.
SIMS 0n a flange - SIMS components to add to existing UHV chambers.
MIMS- membrane inlet mass spectrometer
EQP/PSM - Plasma ion analysers
ESPion - Langmuir Probe
QIC series - real time gas analysers
CATLAB - for Catalyst Characterisation.

Moorfield Moorfield Nanotechnology Limited - moorfieldvacuumcomponents.co.uk
- Unit 1 Wolfe Close, Parkgate Industrial Estate, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8XJ, United Kingdom

email: vacuum@moorfield.co.uk, Tel. + 44 (0)1565 722 609

Moorfield Vacuum Components was established as a complementary division to the Moorfield nanotechnology product line. We aim to provide high quality vacuum equipment and service to vacuum system users.
products:   Vacuum components, vacuum pump service and vacuum pump spares

Vacuum pumps,   Vacuum gauges,   Vacuum valves,   Vacuum gaskets,

Vacuum controllers,   Vacuum turbo pumps,   Vacuum filters,  

Vacuum bearings,   Vacuum bushings,   Freeze Dryers

ABC PUMP SALES & SERVICES - www.speck-abc.com
Macon Way, CW16DA Crewe, United Kingdom

Ian Whiteley, email, Tel.

Speck distributor
products:   Liquid ring vacuum pump

AIRTEC AIR SYSTEMS LTD - www.airtecairsystems.ltd.uk
- Lees Road, OL50PG Mossley, United Kingdom

Simon CULLEN, email, Tel.
products:   vacuum pumps, centrifugal blowers, side channel blowers,

bespoke air knife systems, drying systems, electric process air heaters, consultancy service

Apiezon Products, MI Materials Ltd. - apiezon.com
- Hibernia Way, Trafford Park, Manchester M32 0ZD, United Kingdom

email: sales@apiezon.com
Tel. +44 (0)161 864 5419
Technical Helpline, email, Tel.

MI Materials Ltd. is based in Manchester in the UK where its main manufacturing, development and commercial activities are all located. Its commitment to vacuum products was demonstrated in 1998 with the purchase of Inland Vacuum Industries Inc. and again in 1999 with the acquisition of CVC's vacuum fluids division. Both businesses now operate from the Inland facility near Rochester, N.Y., USA.
products:   Vacuum sealants and lubricants

Vacuum Oils, Diffusion - Ejector (Vapour Booster) Pump Oil and Sealing Oils

AVT Pump Ltd. - www.avtpump.com
- Unit 2 Easter Court, Europa Boulevard, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 7ZB, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

With a heritage going back to 1997, AVT Pump specializes in pump management and supply. High quality service centres are strategically located around the UK and mainland Europe with connections to sister AES Group companies globally.
products:   liquid ring vacuum pumps

Spare parts, Service and Repair

- The Forge, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 4HQ, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

liquid ring vacuum pumps,
dry vacuum pumps
rotary piston vacuum pumps
Spare parts, Service and Repair

Ceramic Seals Ceramic Seals Limited - a href="http://www.ceramicseals.co.uk/" target="_blank">www.ceramicseals.co.uk
- Westwood Industrial Estate, Arkwright Street, Oldham OL9 9LZ, United Kingdom

Mr Raymond A Woods Technical Sales Manager, email, Tel.

Ceramic Seals Limited is an independent Company dedicated to the manufacture of a comprehensive range of quality ceramic-to-metal seals, sapphire-to-metal seals and related products. Formerly a division of Ferranti International plc, Ceramic Seals Limited offers over 40 years experience in design and manufacture of ceramic-to-metal seals for operation in ultra-high vacuum, high pressures and at extreme temperatures.
products:   Feedthroughs

Four types of feedthrough for applications requiring hermeticity and electrical isolation:

Instrumentation Feedthrough, Power Feedthrough
High Current Feedthrough, High Voltage Feedthrough

While maintaining hermeticity, many of Ceramic Seals Limited feedthroughs can accommodate high temperatures, cryogenic conditions, high pressures, high vacuum and aggressive chemical environments.

Chemvac Pumps Ltd. - www.chemvacpumps.co.uk
- Redwood Court, Tytherington Business Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 2XH, United Kingdom

Graham Ikin, email, Tel.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps and systems, Travaini Pumps distributor for UK and Ireland.

Delta Blue Ltd. - www.deltabluevacuum.co.uk
- Unit 38A Imex Business Centre, Radway Green, Crewe, CW2 5PR, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

We have extensive experience within the vacuum industry, servicing and repairing rotary vane pump, roots blowers, piston pumps, helium leak detectors and other associated equipment. We supply reconditioned units at a fraction of their new cost, and all this is backed up by excellent customer care and a team of dedicated, experienced engineers.
Decontamination: We are able to decontaminate any goods including pumps and non vacuum equipment.

Dresser ROOTS - www.rootsblower.com
- PO Box B7, Off St Andrews Road, Huddersfield HD1 6RB, UnitedKingdom

Andrew Adams, email, Tel.
products:   Roots type dry vacuum exhausters

EDWARDS Hick Hargreaves -
- Wingates Industrial Estate, Great Bank Road, Westhoughton, Bolton BL5 3XU, Lancashire, UK

email, Tel.

Hick Hargreaves is now part of Edwards
products:   Manufacturer of Vacuum Pumps and Industrial Vacuum Process Equipment

  Air blowers & compressors,   Liquid ring vacuum pumps,   High vacuum mechanical boosters,   Microvacs - Rotary piston vacuum pumps,   Dry running vacuum pumps,   Ejectors, Deaeration systems

Moorfield Moorfield Nanotechnology Limited - www.moorfield.co.uk
- Unit 1 Wolfe Close, Parkgate Industrial Estate, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8XJ, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

We produce PVD, CVD and etch systems for academic and industrial research including semiconductors, photovoltaics, graphene and 2D materials.
products:   Vacuum deposition systems and components

Physical vapour deposition. PVD systems have been at the core of Moorfield’s business for two decades

Chemical vapour deposition: Rapid, cost-effective production of graphene and carbon nanotubes using CVD methods.

Soft etching: Developed with the Nobel Prize winning graphene group at The University of Manchester, UK.

Thermal processing: Complete systems and bespoke components for high-temperature sample processing.

NASH UK liquid ring vacuum pump Gardner Denver Ltd, Sales Nash UK - www.nashpumps.co.uk
- Road One, Winsford Industrial Estate, Winsford, Cheshire CW7 3PL, United Kingdom

Marc H Roughsedge, email, Tel.

Nash has a 20,000 sq feeet factory and service centre. We can supply new and used vacuum pumps from stock.
- Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors
- Service and maintenance: The company has a strong focus on service and repair, industry based applications and engineering expertise. An extension of the service and repair business over the last 20 years has been the Service Exchange programme, originally developed for the mining and paper industries.

GEA Process Engineering GEA Process Engineering Ltd. - www.gea.com
- Leacroft House, Leacroft Road, Birchwood, Warrington, Cheshire, WA3 6JF, United Kingdom

David Anders, email, Tel.

GEA Wiegand is a worldwide leading company for process technology.
On 01 January 2009 GEA Wiegand's scope of products with evaporation, distillation and membrane filtration technology has been completed by the product range of the former GEA Jet Pumps GmbH consisting of jet pumps, vacuum systems and gas scrubbers.
products:   vacuum ejectors and vacuum systems

steam jet vacuum pumps, jet pumps,
vacuum/steam jet cooling plants,
condensation plants, vacuum degassing plants,
jet and Venturi scrubbers, evaporation plants,
distillation plants, membrane filtration units.

GENCOA Magnetrons GENCOA Ltd. - www.gencoa.com
- Physics Road, Liverpool L24 9HP, United Kingdom

email, Tel.
products:   Magnetrons:

Circular Magnetron Cathodes, Rectangular Magnetron Cathodes, Variable Magnetron Cathodes, UHV Circular Magnetron Cathode, Full Face Erosion Magnetron Cathodes, Double Rectangular Magnetron Cathodes

Graham Europe Ltd - www.graham-mfg.com
- 11 Newmarket close, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 2WL, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

Graham Corporation designs and builds vacuum and heat transfer equipment for process industries throughout the world. Principal markets served include the chemical, petrochemical, petroleum refining, and electric power generating industries, including cogeneration and geothermal plants. Other markets for Graham equipment are metal refining, pulp and paper, shipbuilding, water heating, refrigeration, desalination, food processing, pharmaceuticals, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning.
Graham pioneered the modern steam jet ejector system, and continues to improve its efficiency and performance. We are the only steam jet ejector manufacturer that designs and manufactures all major components of the system. This single-unit responsibility allows us to guarantee unmatched ejector performance.
products:   vacuum ejectors, liquid ring vacuum pumps,

vacuum and heat transfer equipment for process industries.

Henniker Scientific Ltd. - www.henniker-scientific.com
- Knutsford Road, WA4 2PW Warrington, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

Henniker Scientific Ltd. was formed in 2009 by Terry Whitmore to represent leading manufacturers of technologies in the complimentary areas of vacuum technology, surface science, plasma surface modification and mass spectrometry. We have more than 15 years of first hand technical and business experience with these technologies and markets.
products: UHV, Plasmas, Surfaces - Systems & Instruments

Henniker Scientific provides complete technical solutions in the complimentary areas of thin film deposition, UHV surface science, plasma surface modification and mass spectrometry for both vacuum and atmospheric processes:
Prevac UHV & Surface Science Instruments,
MKS RGAs, MKS Vacuum Process Monitors, MKS Bench-Top Atmospheric Mass Spectrometers,
InProcess Instruments On-Line Gas Analysers, Europlasma Gas Plasma Treatment Systems.

MKS Instruments UK Ltd. -
- 1 Anchorage Court, Caspian Road, Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 5HH, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

MKS Instruments is a leading worldwide provider of process control solutions for advanced manufacturing processes such as semiconductor device manufacturing; thin-film manufacturing for flat panel displays, optical storage media, architectural glass and electro-optical products; and technology for medical imaging equipment.

Incorporating advanced technology in the area of mass spectrometry and vacuum technology, MKS PICO® portable helium leak detectors provide fast and sensitive helium leak detection and are the smallest mass spectrometer-based leak detectors available in the world today.
Offered in both vacuum and sniffing versions, and weighing an average of 7 kg (17 lbs), the PICO detects leaks from vacuum or pressurized systems and has a minimum detectable leak rate of 1 x 10-10 atm cc/s. These truly portable leak detectors can be quickly and easily transported without the need for bulky transport carts. Additional features include battery operation and removable hand-held display.

FRIATEC UK Pump Supply & Repair Group Ltd -
- Union Street, Pendlebury, Swinton, Manchaster M27 4 HL, United Kingdom

Ian Pendelton, email, Tel.
Fraser Savage, email, Tel.

As from the 1st of January 2007 Pump Supply and Repair Group have been awarded the exclusive rights for the supply of Spare Parts & New Pumps in the UK.
products:   Liquid ring vacuum pumps in ceramic

Parts in contact with the medium made of FRIKORUND silicate ceramic material, impeller also in titanium, Hastelloy, zirconium or glass fibre reinforced PTFE. Frame casing GGG 40.3), complete vacuum systems (system solutions).

Area of application: Corrosive and abrasive gases and vapours in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Suction capacity up to 600 m3/h (vacuum or compressor operation). In vacuum service these pumps are normally capable of suction pressures up to 100 mbar. Combined with an auxiliary ceramic gas jet pump up to 30 mbar can be achieved.

Shimadzu Kratos Shimadzu - Kratos -
- Wharfside, Trafford Wharf Road, M17 1GP Manchester, United Kingdom

Dr. David C. Dingley, business manager, email, Tel.

Highland Scientific offers components and spares to Vacuum Deposition System Users in the Semiconductor, Optical and Ophthalmic Industries.
products:   turbo molecular pumps

Magnetically levitated turbo molecular pumps from 200 L/s to 4200 L/s for use on semiconductor, glass coating and scientific instrument use: Etch, implant, CVD, HDPCVD, LPCVD, display coating, glass coating & imaging applications

SUREVAC SUREVAC LTD - www.surevac.co.uk
- Unit 6 Caroline Court, Billington Road, Burnley, BB11 5UB, United Kingdom

David Edmondson, email: service@surevac.co.uk, Tel. +44 01282 453227

Surevac ltd is an independent vacuum pump service and repair specialist, based in Lancashire, offering our customers fast and affordable service to most types of vacuum pumps from all types of applications from all across the UK.
products:   vacuum pump service and repair

We work on most types of vacuum pump,VANE PUMPS, BOOSTER/BLOWERS, PISTON PUMPS, DRY PUMPS
from most manufacturers like EDWARDS, LEYBOLD, BUSCH, RIETSCHLE, AERZEN, STOKES amongst others.

Triline Pumps - www.trilinepumps.co.uk
- South Hall, Park Hall Road, Charnock Richards PR7 5LP, United Kingdom

email, Tel.
products:   Pumps & Accessories, Engineered Systems

Side channel blowers,
Claw pumps,
Vane pump repair,

Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems Europe - http://vacuum.tuthill.com
- Pennine Business Park, Pilsworth Road, Heywood, Lancs 0L10 2TL, England

Mark Smith, email, Tel.

- Atlantic fluidics® A Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
- M-D Pneumatics™ Blowers,
PD Plus® blowers, are available in special materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, plated iron and aluminum.
- Kinney Rotary Piston vacuum pumps are quiet running and designed for minimal vibration. These rugged, oil-sealed vacuum pumps are capable of ultimate pressures as low as 0.2 microns.
- Kinney Liquid Ring vacuum pumps are ideally suited for pumping wet mixtures and even slugs of liquid. They are available in standard, all iron construction and stainless steel.
- Kinney Rotary Vane vacuum pumps provide an economical vacuum source for those applications where the process is relatively clean or filtered. Gas ballast valves for vapor handling applications are included as standard equipment.
- Kinney SDV Dry Screw vacuum pumps operate without any sealing liquid in the pumping chamber.

VACUUBRAND Sales UK North VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG Sales UK (North) - www.vacuubrand.co.uk
Rochdale Lancashire OL15 0FG, United Kingdom

Georgina Cape, email, Tel.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps,
oil free diaphragm vacuum pumps,
laboratory vacuum systems and networks.

Vacuum Engineering Services Vacuum Engineering Services Ltd - www.vac-eng.com
- St. Modwen Road, Stretford, Manchester M32 0ZE, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

Vacuum Engineering is a specialist company offering leak test solutions for industry based in Manchester UK.
Formed in 1994 from Leybold Ltd the company offers unrivalled expertise in helium leak testing, having manufactured more than 250 helium leak test machines which are in use worldwide.
products:   Helium leak testing
Leak test machines used for guaranteeing leak tightness to very high sensitivities and are utilized in a wide range of industries from Automotive to the Nuclear Industry and usually employed on production lines in 24/7 operation where reliability is essential.

In addition Vacuum Engineering uses its 20 year expertise in designing and manufacturing vacuum system to provide bespoke vacuum systems for a wide range of applications from thin film coating, central vacuum systems, to vacuum drying.

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