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Island Scientific Ltd. - www.island-scientific.co.uk
- Station Road, PO38 1DX Ventnor, United Kingdom

Alan Lloyd, email: sales@island-scientific.co.uk, Tel. + 44 1983 855 822

Island Scientific Limited occupies Workshop and Warehouse of 10,000 sq ft on our freehold site of 1/2 acre on the Industrial Estate at Ventnor.
Holding the largest stock of used vacuum equipment in the UK, we supply world wide Reconditioned Rotary Pumps, Diffusion Pumps, Coaters, Degassing and Casting Systems components, spares and service.
All to ISO 9001. Island Scientific will arrange collection of your vacuum pumps from your works and re-delivery when completed. Decontamination takes place in our top of the range washing/drying machine to safely remove toxic chemicals (from the semiconductor industry etc).
products:   Refurbished and Rebuilt, Vacuum Pump Servicing:

As well as supplying a full range of refurbished and rebuilt vacuum pumps we also carry out full decontamination, servicing and repair all types of vacuum pumps, that includes Dry Pumps , Mechanical Boosters (Roots blower), Rotary Vane vacuum pumps, Rotary Piston vacuum pumps, Direct Drive Rotary pumps, Diffusion and Turbo pumps.

VACUUM SERVICES LTD - www.vacuumservices.ltd.uk
- Haywood Way, Hastings, East Sussex, TN35 4PL, United Kingdom

email: sales@vacuumservices.ltd.uk, Tel. +44 1424 447726

Vacuum Services offer Off the shelf standard Vacuum components for next day delivery and a bespoke manufacturing service to your drawings from Flanges to complete Systems.
products:   Vacuum components, from Flanges to complete Systems

bellows, chambers, electrical feedthroughs,
flanges, gauges, gaskets and seals, manipulators, mechanical feedthroughs,
sputter sources, targets, valves, viewports.

H.T.PRODUCTS H.T. PRODUCTS - www.htproducts.co.uk
- Hackhurst Lane, BN27 4BW Hailsham, United Kingdom

David Percival, email: dave@htproducts.co.uk, Tel. +44 (0)1323 442 035

H.T. Products Ltd is a manufacturing company specialising in Vacuum Technology and Leak Detection.
Established in 1981 the company has built up a wealth of technical expertise and used this specialist knowledge to provide solutions for many industries and businesses. With an emphasis on creative problem solving and technical accomplishment the company and its staff are able to accomodate a wide range of projects and take pride in ensuring that each job is completed and supported to the exacting standards that customers have come to expect.
The directors of the family run business have a wide experience of the vacuum industry, having been involved over the years with a number of the big name companies in the field.
products: Vacuum Technology and Leak Detection

Vacuum components: Flexible Hoses, Braided Hoses, Vacuum Bellows, Glass to Metal Seals

Leak Detection and Related Services: Calibrated Reference Leaks, Leak Detection, Calibration, System Design & Training

HiVac Engineering HiVac Engineering Ltd. - www.hivac.co.uk
- 14-16 Ivyhouse Lane Ind Est, Hastings, East Sussex, TN35 4NN, United Kingdom

Paul Lennard, email: sales@hivaceng.co.uk, Tel. 01424 461 007
products:   ultra high vacuum chambers and equipment

Vacuum Chambers can be manufactured in Stainless steel 304L/ 316L & 316LN or solid machined from Aluminium, Hivac can accommodate small vacuum housings or Large Vacuum Chambers up to 2 meters x 3 meters.

NanoTech Consulting NanoTech Consulting Ltd. - www.nanotech-consulting.com
- 24 Chalvington Drive, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7SB, United Kingdom

email: sales@nanotech-consulting.com, Tel. +44 (0)7702 585 633

NanoTech Consulting has more than 25 years' experience working in the high and ultra-high vacuum sectors and supplies a range of scientific instruments & systems that offer unrivalled performance, quality and value-for-money. From vacuum hardware to vacuum components to high performance thin film deposition systems, NanoTech Consulting prides itself on providing five star customer service from initial enquiry to delivery of product and beyond!
products:   Vacuum Hardware & Consulting

- Vacuum Hardware, Motion & Manipulation, Sample Transfer, Smart Vacuum Valves

- Viewports, Feedthroughs, VUV Sources, Effusion Cells, Vacuum Suitcases

- Chambers & Fabrications, Complex Systems, Thin Film Solutions

allectra Allectra Limited - www.allectra.com
- Meridian House, Bluebell Business Estate, Sheffield Park, East Sussex TN22 3HQ United Kingdom

email, Tel. +44 (0)1825 721900

Allectra GmbH was founded in 2002 in Berlin and now manufactures and supplies a full range of HV (high vacuum) and UHV (ultra high vacuum) components including custom products all over the world..
products:   Sub-D, Electrical Feedthroughs, Coaxial Feedthroughs, In-Vacuum Cables

Viewports, Mechanical Components, Chambers, UHV and High Vacuum Valves, EVAC glass components

ARGON SERVICES ARGON SERVICES - www.argonservices.co.uk
- Pond Farm, Unit 4, Goldstone Road, RH7 6JG Lingfield, Surrey, United Kingdom

Peter Francis, email, Tel.

Argon Services was founded in 1986 primarily as a subcontract welding facility to the UHV industry. Since then Argon has evolved into a business that has become one of the most respected names in the manufacture of bespoke vacuum vessels and instruments for the high, ultra high vacuum, medical and pharmaceutical industries.
products:   UHV Chambers,   Bellows Assemblies,

Argonís specialist knowledge has expanded over the years from not only welding and helium leak testing but into machining and fabricating components giving our customers a complete supplier solution for all their requirements. We offer vessels manufactured from Stainless Steel, Mu Metal and Inconnel and can machine components in just about any ferrous or non ferrous materials along with Tantalum, Niobium and Molybdenum.

Argon also offers a full instrument assembly area where components can be manufactured, assembled, helium leak tested, baked (up to 250 deg c.) and tested to customer specifications. These services are being used by some of the leading companies in the industry.

- Fitzalan Road, BN18 9JP Arundel, United Kingdom

Philip Brooker, email, Tel. 01903 884141

Arun Microelectronics Ltd. (AML) became a manufacturing company in 1986, having operated for some years as a design-consultancy. We rapidly established ourselves as and continue to be a major supplier of UHV gauges and controllers in Europe.

Ion gauges: AML is the UK's only manufacturer of ultra-high vacuum ionisation gauges and controllers. The NGC2 Bayard Alpert gauge controller was introduced in late 2004 to replace the successful PGC range of controllers, which had been manufactured since 1987.
Titanium sublimation pumps, Titanium Sublimation Pump Controller
UHV compatible stepper motors

BECKER UK Ltd., Southern Office - www.becker.co.uk
- 1 Neptune Business Park, Medway City Estate, Rochester. Kent. ME2 4LT, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

David Smith, Service / Sales Manager,
Stuart Crawley, Service Technician,

Oil-Free Rotary Vane Vacuum pumps / Compressors, Oil-Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps,
Side Channel Vacuum Pumps
Radial Blowers, Centralised Systems, VARIAIR Products, Variair Central System (VACS).

Caburn UHV Limited - www.caburnUHV.com
- Bexin House, 2/3 St. Andrews Place, Lewes, BN7 1UP, United Kingdom

Dr Mike J Holmes, email:

Allectra - High Vacuum and UHV Flanges and Fittings, Electrical Feedthroughs, Sub-miniature D types, Kapton Wire, Viewports, Valves, Wobble Sticks and Manipulators, UHV and High vacuum Chambers
Kohzu - for Precision Movement stages for air use and vacuum , Synchrotron products including DCM and Diffractometer
Atlas - Bi-metal flanges and transitions ,Aluminium to Stainless steel and copper

Creative Vacuum - www.creativevacuum.co.uk
- Cavea House, Decoy Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN14 8ND, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

In addition to stock items Creative can supply and manufacture special fittings, components and vacuum plant to customer's specifications.

Vacuum Fittings, Vacuum Valves, Capsules and Diaphragms
Vacuum Gauges & Switches, Vacuum Instruments
Vacuum Reservoirs
Vacuum Plant, Sub-Contract Services

DURAVAC Products Ltd - www.duravac.co.uk
- Unit 170 John Wilson Business Park,
Whitstable, Kent, CT5 3RA, United Kingdom

Colin DURELL, email, Tel.

Specialists in the supply and manufacture of oils used for all vacuum technology applications, such as mechanical, diffusion and vapour booster pumps for 35 years.

vacuum pump oils, Silicone HV Grease
We can supply many Dow Corning products from stock.

Edwards - www
- Manor Royal, Crawley RH10 9LW, United Kingdom

email, Tel. + 44 1293 52 88 44

Edwards is one of the largest companies in the world specializing in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of vacuum and pressure equipment and accessories for electronics, industrial and scientific applications.

Dry vacuum pumps of different technologies and size, including claw, screw and scroll pumps, furthermore turbomolecular pumps, oil-sealed rotary vane and piston pumps, mechanical boosters, vapour and vapour booster pumps, liquid ring pumps and steam ejectors ; standard and custom-built pumping systems; measurement and control instruments, valves and vacuum system components; furthermore vacuum coating systems and components.

Furness Controls Furness Controls Limited -
- Beeching Road, Bexhill on sea, East Sussex TN39 3LJ, United Kingdom

email, Tel.
products:   Leak detection equipment

Solving your leak detection problems. Components and assemblies ranging from Automotive Radiators, Gas Appliances, Valves, Medical Devices and Vacuum Cleaners must be tested as "fit for purpose" during manufacture - Furness Controls can provide the right test solution for leakage, flow rate, blockage etc.

Gardner Denver Alton Ltd (formerly Rietschle Thomas UK Ltd) - www.rtpumps.co.uk
- Waterbrook Estate, Waterbrook Road, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2UD, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

Depending on the application requirements, a choice can be made from a number of operating principles with capacities ranging from 0.01m³/h up to 8,500m³/h.
We also offer a range of ATEX certified pumps, including Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps, dry running screw vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, side channel vacuum pumps and compressors, and dry running claw vacuum pumps and compressors.

Interface Precision Engineering Interface Precision Engineering Limited (IPEL) - www.interface-precision.com
- Unit 23 & 24 Brunel Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN38 9RT, England

email, Tel.

Interface Precision Engineering Limited (IPEL) founded in 2011 becoming a standalone company having broken away from Interface Manufacturing Limited (Electronics Division).
products:   Vacuum Fabrication

The addition of a Vacuum fabrication cell allows IPEL to deliver further services to our customers in the high and Ultra high vacuum industries.
This ranges from standard components such as Gaskets and Flanges through to Vacuum chambers Custom fabrications, Vacuum Components and Fittings
Feedthroughs, Reducers, Bellows and Valves

With on site 3D design, highly skilled fabricators working to the latest standards and modern state of the art equipment from Leak checkers and welding sets combined with our wealth of knowledge and state of the art inspection equipment IPEL is dedicated to providing components and fabrications of the very highest quality.

ITL Vacuum Instrument Technology Ltd., trading as ITL Vacuum Components - www.itl-vacuum.com
- Menzies Road, Ponswood Industrial Estate, St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, TN38 9BB, England

email, Tel. + 44 (0)1424 442 121

ITL was first established in the 1960's, specialising in the manufacture of special electro-optical tubes for university and science research applications.
During the 1980's and 1990's, ITL expanded rapidly with the introduction of a full range of KF, ISO and Conflat catalogue vacuum hardware flange and fitting components augmented with glass to metal seals, viewports, feedthroughs, ionisation gauge heads and manufacture of custom designed chambers and non-standards.
Since the 1990's, ITL has developed and maintained several significant key accounts, serving the world leading vacuum equipment suppliers and during this time received a number of achievement recognitions, including Virgin Fastrack 100 and Sussex Business awards.
products:   Vacum components

KF Flanges and Fabrications
ISO Flanges and Fabrications
CF Flanges and Fabrications
Glass Products
Motion and Positioning Devices
Manipulators and Stages

Chambers and Specials,   Manufacturing Capabilities

Materials and Evaporation Sources
Deposition Materials,   Electron Beam Sources

Kedron Engineering - www.kedron.co.uk
- Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5DF, United Kingdom

John Kokkalis,

Kedron Engineering was formed in April 2002 to manufacture and supply a full range of vacuum components, valves & fittings, and to provide an expert subcontract welding facility with an emphasis on helping customers with new product development and manufacturing of completed assemblies.
Kedron Engineering has full CAD capabilities, machine shop, well equipped inspection department (including Helium Mass Spectrometer leak detection) and quality management systems accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

Vacuum Fittings, Flexible Hose and Bellows, Chambers and Manifolds, Chemical Seals.

K-TECH SUPPLIES LTD - www.ktechsupplies.co.uk
- 198 Harley Shute Road, TN38 9JH St Leonards on Sea, United Kingdom

Keith REILLY, email, Tel.

a new company entering the scientific vacuum scene, recognising and serving the customers' requirements,
supplying a full range of standard HV and UHV vacuum components manufactured to recognised industry specifications and quality standards.

Vacuum Components: Flanges, Fittings, Elbows, Connectors, Flexible Hoses, Adaptors, Reducers, Gaskets, Tees, Crosses, Viewports.
Chambers and Vessels, Pumps, Feedthroughs, Valves, Thermal Evaporation Systems.

Kurt J. Lesker Company Ltd. Kurt J. Lesker Company Ltd. - www.lesker.com
- 15/16 Burgess Road, Hastings, East Sussex, TN35 4NR, United Kingdom

email, Tel. (+44) 1424-458100

KJLC is a global leader in the manufacture and design of vacuum technology products, providing solutions for research and production applications.
We work with you to provide quality solutions for your vacuum requirements. Enabling technology for a better world.
products:   manufacturer and distributor of vacuum components and vacuum systems

  Vacuum Flanges,   Electrical Feedthroughs,   Vacuum Fluids & Greases,

  Vacuum Chambers,   Vacuum coating systems,   Feedthroughs & Viewports,

  Manipulation & Motion,   Pressure Measurement,   Traps & Filters,

  Vacuum Pumps,   Vacuum Valves

LewVac LLP Vacuum Viewports LewVac LLP - www.lewvac.co.uk
- Unit F2, Ote Hall Farm, Burgess Hill, RH15 0SR, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

LewVac is a UK-based supplier of HV and UHV components to the vacuum technology market, with a product range of many thousands of quality components.
Our range of vacuum components is carefully selected from a broad base of manufacturers, enabling us to be competitively priced and to offer short lead times on standard products.
products:  vacuum components

  Electrical Feedthroughs   Optical Feedthroughs,   Flanges and Fittings,   Viewports and Glass Components   Valves, Pressure Measurement,   Thin Film Instrumentation, Motion, Accessories,   Custom Fabrication.

MARTEC LIMITED - www.martec.ltd.uk
- St Augustines Business Park, Swalecliffe, Whitstable, CT5 2QJ Kent, United Kingdom

Clive THROWER, email, Tel.

Martec has the facilities to design and manufacture special Vacuum connectors to meet customer's stringent individual requirements for electrical properties, mechanical requirements and specialist mounting conditions.
products:   Vacuum connectors

MDC Europe Ltd. high- and ultra-high vacuum components MDC Vacuum Ltd - www.mdcvacuum.co.uk
- 3 Horsted Square, Bellbrook Industrial Estate
Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 1QG, United Kingdom

Peter Davenport, email, Tel. +44 (0)1825 280 450

Caburn-MDC Europe, together with MDC and ISI, aims to provide the most complete range of high- and ultra-high vacuum components to the European scientific community. From basic flanges to innovative valves, feedthroughs and deposition equipment, our comprehensive online catalogue can provide you with details on a wide range of standard products, all fully specified and priced online. Many of our products are available for rapid delivery.
products:   high- and ultra-high vacuum components

bellows,   chambers,   feedthroughs,   filters,   flanges,  

oils, lubricants and sealants,   manipulators,   pressure measurement,  

valves,   viewports and high vacuum engineering

QUORUM TECHNOLOGIES Sputter coaters QUORUM TECHNOLOGIES LTD - www.quorumtech.com
- 15A Euro Business Park, BN90DQ Newhaven, United Kingdom

Mike WOMBWELL, email: mike.wombwell@quorumtech.com, Tel. +44(0)1273 510535

Quorum Technologies are the manufacturers of the Polaron range of EM preparation instruments.
products:   Sputter coaters

carbon coaters, thermal evaporators, RF plasma etchers, critical point dryers, small freeze dryers, cryogenic stages for SEM

SS Scientific Limited - www.ss-sci.com
- 5A Southbourne Business Park, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN22 8UY, United Kingdom

Robin Hathaway, email, Tel. +44 1323 638230

SS Scientific Ltd is involved in the design, manufacture and distribution of precision components and instrumentation for the vacuum industry.
Our focus is on scientific instruments incorporating precision mechanics, electronics and software, used within a vacuum environment from XHV to plasma processing pressures. SS Scientific Ltd is committed to supply a range of products which cannot be classified as catalogue items. Strong application knowledge and technical support for the vacuum industry is readily available to all our customers.

Precision Vacuum Components, Scientific instruments, Programmable leak detector, Gas monitoring systems, Residual Gas Analyser, Electron Multipliers, Filaments, Thoria, Yttria, Wire, Ribbon, Ion source, Precision mechanical assembly, Flange, Feedthrough, Ion gauge

TIGFUSION Vacuum Chamber Tigfusion Ltd. - www.tigfusion.com
- Haywood Way, Hastings, East Sussex TN35 4PL, United Kingdom

email, Tel.
products:   Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum chambers are our speciality here at Tigfusion. With our vast plant list and 60 years combined knowledge we are confident of being able to design and manufacture a solution to youíre needs should it be required.
At present we are able to offer quotations for vessel's up to 1m cubed. Although we can go larger allowing for closer examination of design. We offer a competitive service with enviable quality and delivery service.

TMS Vacuum Components - www.tmsvacuumcomponents.co.uk
- Unit 21 Stirling Road, Castleham Industrial Estate, Hastings, East Sussex TN38 9NP, United Kingdom

email, Tel. +44 (0)1424 853211

TMS offer over 25 years experience in design and manufacture of precision components for the Scientific/ Analytical Industries, from Mass Spectrometers, Surface Electron Microscopy to Environmental Analysis and Semiconductor markets.

Phosphor Screens
Anode Coating
Optical Coatings
Glass to Metal Seals

TORR SCIENTIFIC LTD - www.torrscientific.co.uk
- The Knoll Business Centre, Old Shoreham Road, BN3 7GS, United Kingdom

David Bates, email, Tel. +44 (0)1273 424477

TSL Manufacture and supply a range of viewport assemblies and viewports with anti reflective coatings.

UHV Design Ltd. - www.uhvdesign.com
- Unit 6, Stonecross Business Centre, Laughton, Lewes, East Sussex, England, BN8 6BN

email, Tel.
products:   High Vacuum Components

  Rotary Motion,   Shutters, Linear Motion, Transfer Tools, X/Y Stages, Y Shifts, Motion Controllers, Surface Science Stages,   Deposition Stages, Heating Only, Goniometers,   Edge welded metal bellows,   Flanges, Customised Designs

Vacgen Ltd Vacgen Ltd -
- Castleham Industrial Estate, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN38 9NN, United Kingdom

email, Tel.

VG have been working under different names over the years (most recently VG Scienta) but our customers have always known us as Vacuum Generators, or more affectionately, VACGEN.
Now in 2015, we are officially VACGEN and are again the partner of choice for the next generation of researchers, innovators and builders. From our UK high tech manufacturing base, our focus is on delivering enabling technologies and supporting our customers across industry and academia.
products:   vacuum components

XYZ Manipulators   XY Modules   Z Axis Manipulators  

Sample Holders   Rotary Platforms   Rotary Drives  

Linear Drives   Transfer Devices   Port Aligner  

CF Flanges   CF Viewports   CF Fittings  

Gaskets & Accessories Valves   Pressure Measurement  

Ti Sublimation Pump  

- Moondarra, Gorsethorn Way, Fairlight, East Sussex, TN35 4BQ, United Kingdom

Ray Whitehouse, email, Tel. +44 (0)1424 814411

Specialists in vacuum technology, application science, Graphene and 2D material growth systems, analytical research equipment, SEM thin-film coaters, bespoke scientific glassware and application consultancy.
products:   vacuum technology

Graphene & 2D Growth, RF Power Supplies Sample Prep and Analysis, Glassware, Desktop Coaters, Vacuum consultancy,

VACUUM SERVICES LTD - www.vacuumservices.ltd.uk
- Haywwood Way, TN354PL Hastings, United Kingdom

Steve Brown, email, Tel. +44 1424 447726

As we are a manufacturing facility we can offer the complete solution to your Vacuum Requirements. We have control of your product from raw material to finished component. This allows us complete control of the manufacturing procedure, better lead times and very competitive prices.

Standards: KF-, ISO- and CF-components
specials: Fittings, Vacuum chambers, Feedthroughs, Edge w. bellows gate valves, vacuum gauges

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