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Scitek Australia Pty Ltd. -
- Unit 4, 12 Chaplin Drive, Lane Cove, NSW, 2066 Australia

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Scitek Australia Pty Ltd was originally founded as Balzers Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Balzers Lichtenstein. The name was changed to Scitek Australia in 2001 following a management buyout resulting from Balzers' merger with Leybold and the subsequent separation of Pfeiffer Vacuum. Scitek continues to represent a number of divisions from the former Balzers organisation including Pfeiffer Vacuum.
products: Vacuum and vacuum related technologies

Beamline Components and Manipulators,   Electron Microscopy,  

Chambers and Components: Valves, Feedthroughs, Flange Connection Components, Manipulators, Membrane Bellows, Vacuum Chambers, Vented Screws,

Flow and Pressure: Vacuum Controllers & Transducers, Gas Mass Flow Meters & Controllers,

Vacuum Generation: NEG Pumps, Operating Fluids, Roots Pumps, Ion Pumps, Scroll Pumps, Cryogenic Pumps, Rotary Piston Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps, Screw Pumps, Rotary Vane Pumps, Turbo Pumps,

Vacuum applications: Leak Detection, Semiconductor Vacuum

- Unit 6, 3 Marina Close, Mount Kuring-Gai NSW 2080, Australia

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products: Pump service and Repair

Pumpserv is supported by a highly qualified and experienced team of Engineers and Technicians to carry out repair/service work in house for almost any type of Pump. We also offer 24 hours / 7 days a week on-site service calls.

- 127 Duffy Ave, 2120 Westleigh, Australia

Andrew DEAN-SMITH, email, Tel.

FILTO has been manufacturing industrial filters for vacuum pumps, compressors and special applications for over 25 years.
products: Filters for Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Side Channel Blowers and most types of Compressors.
The range includes: Air Intake, Oil Separators, complete Filters, Cannisters, Dust Collectors, Vanes, Seal Kits and Inline Silencers.

AVT Services Pty. -
- Unit 16/35 Foundry Rd, Seven Hills, NSW 2147, Australia

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AVT Services Pty Ltd is Australia's foremost vacuum equipment and service provider, for just about anything vacuum, we can deliver. With our Head Office located in Sydney, and branch offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, AVT Services is well placed to provide sales, service, and advice to all vacuum users in Australia.
products: Vacuum Products

Vacuum Pumps   Chambers   Compressor Pumps   Controllers   Cryogenic Pumps   Feedthroughs - Fluid & Electrical   Filters   Fittings   Freeze-Dryers   Furnaces   Gauges   Hoses/Tubes/Pipes   Leak Detectors   Mechanical Booster Pumps   Oil Free Pumps (Dry Pumps)   Ovens   Piston Pumps and Blowers   Power Valves   Pressure Pumps   Rotary Vane Pumps   Seals   Service/Spares Kits   SF6 Gas Analysis Equipment   SF6 Gas Recovery Equipment   Sputtering Magnetrons   Side Channel Blowers   Switches   Thin Film Monitors   Thin Film Controllers   Turbomolecular Pumps   UHV Systems   Valves   Vapour Diffusion Pumps  

Rietschle Thomas Australia - Seven Hills, New South Wales 2121, Australia

Hemant Malik, email, Tel.
products: Rotary vane vacuum pumps, Laboratory vacuum pumps.

Australian Vacuum Services Pty Ltd. -
- 3/25 Jenner Street, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153, Australia

email:, Tel. +61 (0)2 8626 6495

The servicing of vacuum pumps repair and nanotechnology systems with scientific and industrial vacuum pumps and the consultancy of engineering services are the forte at Australia Vacuum Services (AVS).
products: nanotechnology systems and vacuum equipment

Vacuum Service repair rebuild and Maintenance
Vacuum Spares parts consumeables and oils
Vacuum Support calibration and certification

Crown Scientific Pty. Ltd. -
- 144 Moorebank Avenue, Moorebank, New South Wales 2170, Australia

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KNF distributor
products: Laboratory vacuum pumps, membrane vacuum pumps

- Unit 17A Eltoro Industrial Estate, 4 Homepride Ave, Warwick Farm NSW 2170, Australia

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Becker Pump & parts distributors for NSW & ACT.

New Becker vacuum pumps and blowers, Becker spare parts, Central vacuum systems, spare parts, service and accessories for all brands of vacuum pumps.

BUSCH Australia Pty. Ltd. (Head Office) -
- Factory 5 / 38 Beverage Drive, Tullamarine, Vic. 3043, Australia

email, Tel.

Busch Australia is an integral part of the network of 33 Busch companies worldwide, providing more than 35 years of expertise in vacuum and pressure technology.
products: Vacuum Technology, Vacuum Pumps & Systems

- Oil Recirculating rotary vane vacuum pumps (R5 series up to 1600 m³/h),
- screw vacuum pumps (COBRA up to 2700 m³/h),
- rotary piston vacuum pumps and compressors (Mink up to 500m³/h),
- Once-Through-Sealing rotary vane vacuum pumps(Huckepack bis 760 m3/h),
- dry vacuum pumps (Seco bis 250 m³/h),
- side channel blowers (Gazelle, Samos up to 1100 m³/h),
- liquid ring vacuum pump (Dolphin up to 435 ³/h),
- Scroll vacuum pumps (Fossa up to 30 m³/h),
- Roots blowers (Puma / Panda up to 8000m³/h, - Dingo/Cat/Panther up to 3120 m3/h),
- Turbomolecular vacuum pumps,
- Service and Repair
- accessories

GEA Process Engineering Australia Pty Ltd -
- 49 Railway Road, P.O.Box 42, 3130 Blackburn / Viktoria, Australia

Kim Henriksen, email:, Tel. +61 3-9875 4000

GEA Wiegand Representation, GEA Wiegand is a worldwide leading company for process technology.
On 01 January 2009 GEA Wiegand's scope of products with evaporation, distillation and membrane filtration technology has been completed by the product range of the former GEA Jet Pumps GmbH consisting of jet pumps, vacuum systems and gas scrubbers.
products: ejectors and vacuum systems

steam jet vacuum pumps, jet pumps,
vacuum/steam jet cooling plants,
condensation plants, vacuum degassing plants,
jet and Venturi scrubbers, evaporation plants.

- Warren Brooks, 89-93 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn, Victoria 3130 - Melbourne, Australia

email, Tel.
products: Vacuum pumps

  rotary vane pumps ,   turbomolecular pumps   roots pumps

- fittings and flanges

- Helium leak detectors: portable and console leak detectors, dry leak detector systems.

- Semiconductors
- Intrumentation (gas analysis, optical spectometer, electron microscopes, surface analysis)
- Research and Development for fundamental research, industrial and university laboratories
- Glass coating for thermal isolation and infrated barrier
- Automotive industry
- Freeze drying, centrifuges, plasma sterilizer
- Refrigeration, air-cnditioning and cryogenics
- Light bulb and television tube manufacturing
- CD/DVD production
- Medical and pharmaceutical industries
- Industrial helium leak detection
- Deep plasma ICP Etching tools for MEMS production

airmet sampling pump Airmet -
- 7-11 Ceylon Street, Nunawading VIC 3131, Australia

email, Tel. 1800 000 744
products: sampling pumps

Constant Flow Personal Sampling Pumps
Area Sampling Pumps
Active Gas and Vapour Sampling
Passive Gas and Vapour Sampling
Particulate Sampling
Bioaerosol Sampling
Real Time Dust
Calibrators and Accessories

- 8 Rubens Court, Wheelers Hill 3150, Australia

Joseph Persico, email, Tel.

Perogon Technologies has more than 30 years experience in the vacuum industry, we provide the best Logical and Lateral automation solutions in vacuum.
We have specialist vacuum equipment troubleshooters. We find the cause of your vacuum problems and we fix it for good!

Automatic Helium Leak Testers (custom designed, Low & High Pressure)
Rietschle Thomas and Edwards Vacuum Pumps,
Edwards Vacuum Fittings and Vacuum Gauges.
Multi-pumps, automatic Vacuum Pumping Systems for hospital, industrial and laboratory use.

Bettervac Pty Ltd -
- Factory 6, 11 Melrich Road Bayswater, Victoria 3153 Australia

email, Tel.

Air Operated Vacuum Pumps, Central Vacuum Station, Close Coupled Liquid Ring Pumps, Dry Vane Vacuum Pumps, High Vacuum Special Systems, Monoblock Two Stage Liquid Ring Pumps, Side Channel Blowers, Single Stage Liquid Ring, Single Stage Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps, Small Oiless Vacuum Pumps and Compressors, Special Milk Plant Pump Sets, Two Stage Oil Sealed Laboratory Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Tight and Air Intake Filters small to large.

REZITECH - 1027 Mountain Highway, Bayswater Victoria 3153, Australia

email, Tel.

distributor of Robuschi
products: liquid ring vacuum pumps

EMTIVAC Engineering -
- Factory 8, 433 Hammond Road, Dandenong South, Victoria 3175,, Australia

Michael Wilkinson, National Sales Manager, email, Tel.
Dirk Pluijmers, NSW Technical Sales Manager, email, mobile

Australian Agent for Pompetravaini Liquid Ring Pumps and FPZ Side Channel Blowers

Vacuum Solutions Australia -
- Factory 2, 27 Laser Drive, Rowville, Victoria 3175, Australia

email, Tel.
oil free vane vacuum pumps, oil lubricated vacuum pumps, two stage high vacuum pumps
side channel pumps and blowers
mini oil-less vacuum pumps
central plant vacuum, vacuum filters & accessories
vacuum pumps service and repairs

Sentrill Graphic Services Pty Ltd. -
1/6 Seismic Court, Rowville VIC 3178, Australia

email, Tel.

Becker Pump Victorian Agents, Vacuum and Blast Specialists, Large range of loan pumps available for printing, woodwork and plastic industries etc., New pump sales and service

Ezzi Vision -
- 1 Dalmore Drive, Caribbean Business Park, Scoresby, Victoria 3179, Australia

email, Tel.

Ezzi Vision is Australia and New Zealand's no.1 one stop supplier for Ophthalmic equipment, spares, consumables and service.
products: ophthalmic products

Our ophthalmic division offers a complete line of fining or smoothing pads, polishing pads and finishing or edging pads for every lens material – including CR-39™, mid-index, hi-index, polycarbonate, Trivex™ and glass/mineral lenses. Within each lens category we offer numerous combinations of abrasive and backing options to solve every fining challenge. Whether you prefer a 1-step or 2-step fining process, bare lap or base pad system, we have an abrasive pad system that will work for your process. For unmatched surface quality, let us recommend a fining pad system for your lab today.

We also carry a complete line of miscellaneous tools and accessories that keep your lab operating efficiently. We offer a complete line of aluminium or plastic lapping tools, job trays, calipers, measuring devices, cleaners, gloves, cleaning wipes, Baumé gauges and more.

JAVAC Pty. Ltd. -
- 54 Rushdale Street, Knoxfield, Victoria 3180, Australia

email, Tel. +61 (3) 9763 7633

Vacuum Pumps, Refrigeration Recovery Equipment and Air-conditioning Service Equipment.

laboratory vacuum pumps, membrane vacuum pumps, KNF distributor, Leybold distributor

Becker Pumps Australia Becker Pumps Australia -
- 10/170 North Road, Woodridge QLD 4114, Australia

Jason Ward , email, Tel.

Becker Pumps Australia distributes oil flooded and oil-less vacuum pumps, compressors, and blowers, for industrial and medical applications.
products: Vacuum pumps and systems

Our range includes Rotary Vane Pumps (with a simple single shaft and direct drive), Screw Pumps, Side Channel Pumps (in both single and double stage models) and Radial Pumps.

Suction Systems, Repairs and Service, Vacuum Lifting, Ventilation Systems, System Design, Medical Suction Systems.

BUSCH Australia Pty. Ltd. -
Unit 2, 12 Angel Road, Stapylton, QLD 4207, Australia

email, Tel.

Busch Australia is an integral part of the network of 33 Busch companies worldwide, providing more than 35 years of expertise in vacuum and pressure technology.
products: Vacuum Technology, Vacuum Pumps & Systems

- Oil Recirculating rotary vane vacuum pumps (R5 series up to 1600 m³/h),
- screw vacuum pumps (COBRA up to 2700 m³/h),
- rotary piston vacuum pumps and compressors (Mink up to 500m³/h),
- Once-Through-Sealing rotary vane vacuum pumps(Huckepack bis 760 m3/h),
- dry vacuum pumps (Seco bis 250 m³/h),
- side channel blowers (Gazelle, Samos up to 1100 m³/h)
- liquid ring vacuum pump (Dolphin up to 435 ³/h)
- scroll vacuum pumps (Fossa up to 30 m³/h)
- roots blowers (Puma / Panda up to 8000m³/h, - Dingo/Cat/Panther up to 3120 m3/h),
- turbomolecular vacuum pumps
- Service and Repair
- accessories

Absolute Vacuum & Engineering - 61 Pascoe Rd, 4208 Ormeau, Australia
David Joseph,

Absolute Vacuum and Engineering is an independant vacuum pump sales, service and design company.
We look at an application and recomend the best solution for your application. When you need good old fashioned help, call Absolute Vacuum and Engineering.
products: Sales and service of all vacuum pumps and blowers

Rotary vane pumps (oil & Dry), Liquid ring Pumps, Vacuum Infusion equipment, Vacuum Bagging equipment, Vacuum lifting equipment, Vacuum system design,

- 3 Freight Road, Kenwick, WA 6107, Australia

Robert Barbour, Vacuum Pump Dpt. Manager, email, Tel.

Western Australia's premier vacuum pump supplier for mining, industrial and medical vacuum processes with offices in NSW and Queensland also.
products: Vacuum & Air Pumps

Dynapumps offers Australia’s most diverse range of vacuum pumps, air blowers and gas compressors. We have vacuum products that cover all applications from industrial to ultra-high levels.

Rotary vane oil lubricated and dry running pumps
Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors
Dry running rotary lobe pumps
Dry running screw vacuum pumps and compressors
Service and Repair, on site maintenance and workshop repairs.

Philcor, subsidiary of H.I.Fraser Pty Ltd -
- 27a Stockdale Rd, O'Connor, WA 6163, Australia

email, Tel.

H.I.Fraser acquired Philcor Pty Ltd into its portfolio in September 2003. Philcor specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of vacuum sewage collection systems, for residential developments, buildings, trains, aircraft and marine applications. Philcor operates out of Western Australia but also has staff and facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Rockhampton.
products: Design, Engineering and Development of sewage collection, handling and treatment systems

Manufacture of specialised equipment. Chlorination units, stainless steel grease traps, oil separators, vacuum tanks, ejector systems, special purpose lifting gear, interface tanks, grommets, vacuum system collection pits and more.
Supply of proprietary system and equipment as agents and distributors for Evac, Loro, Iseki, Herborner, Huntingdon Fusion and Pipestoppers.
Installation and Commissioning of sewage collection and treatment systems: Contracting independently or by joint venture for turn-key design and supply.
Maintenance and Servicing of existing vacuum sewage collection systems.



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