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Koerting Hellas Michos S.A. -
- 1 Chris. Smirnis str., 15451 N. Psichico, Athen - Hellas

Herr Agis F. Michos, email: info@michos.gr, Tel. +30 210 6774 280
products: Ejectors, Condensers, Vacuum Technology

Refrigeration Plants, Evaporation Plants,
Plants for Dedusting, Absorption and Gas Cooling, Steam Jet Heaters, Mixing Nozzles.
Heat Recovery, Paper Industry, Polyester Plants, Water Treatment, Power Stations, Edible Oil Industry, Textile Finishing, Urea Plants, Refrigeration, Chemical Industry, Petroleum Refineries, Shipbuilding, Steel Degassing, Seawater Desalination.

Sterling Fluid Systems (Hellas) - www.sterlingsihi.com
- Clisouras Street, 17672 Kallithea/ Athens

email: sales_greece@sterlingsihi.de, Tel. +30 (1) 957 0783
products: vacuum pumps and systems

- Liquid ring vacuum pumps: LEM, Close-coupled design, 7-160 acfm - LEH, Single stage, 220-540 acfm - LPH, Single and Two stage vacuum, 0.5-6000 acfm
- dry running vacuum pump: SIHIdry AS160, 100 ACFM - SIHIdry H250/H400, 150/250 acfm - SIHIdry H631/H1000, 400/600 acfm
- Standard Vacuum Package Systems: XBA, Once Through or Partial Recirculation - TRB, Total Recirculation - OIL, Total Recirculation

Lindiridis Emm. Ltd. Pneumatic Systems - 11 A, Kotzia Street, 16346 Ilioupolis/Athens - Hellas

email, Tel.

Becker distributor
products: Oil-Free Rotary Vane Vacuum pumps

Oil-Free Rotary Compressors, Oil-Free Rotary Vacuum Pumps/Compressors, Oil-Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Side Channel Vacuum Pumps, Radial Blowers, Centralised Systems, VARIAIR Products, Variair Central System (VACS).

Marco Pumps SA - P. Marcomichalis & Son SA -
- 97, Athens-Piraeus Ave., 185 41 Piraeus, Hellas

email, Tel.

MARCO PUMPS imports and distributes full range of vacuum pumps (oil lubricated, dry type, liquid ring) and also side channel blowers. So apart for "specialists in liquid transfer" we are also "specialists in air and gas transfer"
products: DVP and Travaini vacuum pumps

DVP oil lubricated vacuum pumps, dry vacuum pumps, high vacuum pumps
TRAVAINI liquid ring vacuum pumps
DVP side channel blowers

NORM Electronics vacuum shop NORM Electronics ltd -
- 18 Voulis st., 10563 Athens, Hellas

Sarantos G. Chaloulos, email, Tel.

ADIXEN Distributor, Leading supplier of Vacuum Technology Products in Greece since 1980 with the most extensive range of Vacuum Technology Products.
products: vacuum pumps and components

Vacuum Pumps (Rotary vane, Dry, Oil FREE, Diaphragm, Multi Roots, Roots, Diffusion, Turbomolecular, CryoPumps)
Vacuum Gauge (Bourbon, Pirani , Cold - cathode Plasma, Hot cathode, Capacitive)
Vacuum Components - Accessories � Chambers (KF ,ISO ,UHV )
Vacuum Valves (KF, ISO, UHV) Straight, Angle, Ball , Gate , Pendulum
Electrical feedthroughs, Thermocouple, Power mechanical feedthroughs (KF, ISO, UHV)
Mass Flow controllers, Mass Flow Meters
Cryogenic Instruments - Helium Cryostats - Compressors, Dewar Flasks, Temperature Controllers
High Vacuum Engineering - Industrial applications
Thermal PVD Systems for small production and R&D
Leak Detectors for production and R&D., Leak Detection systems- apparatus for industrial products and Leak Detection services
Vacuum Degassers
Central Vacuum Stations
Service for all type of Vacuum pumps

A.G. Stambiolidis - 104410 Athens

email, Tel.

BUSCH representative
products: Vacuum Technology, Vacuum Pumps & Systems

- rotary vane vacuum pumps: R5 series up to 1600 m³/h
- screw vacuum pumps: COBRA up to 2700 m³/h
- rotary piston vacuum pumps and compressors: Mink up to 500m³/h
- Once-Through-Sealing rotary vane vacuum pumps: Huckepack bis 760 m3/h
- dry vacuum pumps (Seco bis 250 m³/h),
- side channel blowers: Gazelle, Samos up to 1100 m³/h
- liquid ring vacuum pump: Dolphin up to 435 ³/h
- Scroll vacuum pumps: Fossa up to 30 m³/h
- Roots blowers: Puma / Panda up to 8000m³/h, Dingo/Cat/Panther up to 3120 m3/h
- Turbomolecular pumps
- Service and Repair
- accessories